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Aside from other hobbies, one of the family hobbies has always seemingly been photography. Captions, where present, will best explain these.

You'll notice something I tend to avoid in here is photography that is "touristy" in nature - so you'll doubtless get shots around Pike Place Market, for instance, but those shots will be of the things you don't often see around the market. There are, after all, certain parts of the city that just are best captured on film - or in this case, on an SD card and dumped to a web page somewhere. =^_^=

Initially, I relied pretty heavily on film-based point and shoots. The only real requirements I had were that they had zoom and a flash. The only shots I have from here in this gallery were the shoots from Huntington Beach; alas, I don't remember all the different P&S cameras I've owned other than a Canonet 91.

In 2007, I eventually purchased a Nikon L10 - and used that up until summer of 2011, when I finally replaced that with a Canon SX130. All of the 2007-2011 shots in this gallery were taken with that camera. After the SX130 wore out in 2012 during the ren faire up here, I replaced it with a Canon SX40 which had a better firmware and a swivel screen. In May 2017, I replaced *that* with a Nikon D5500 with which I've been shooting to this day.

Huntington Beach, California - taken over the summer in 1999 or 2000
Washington State Ferries
Boeing 787 Premier - July 7, 2007
Christmas Vacation, 2007
Sound Transit Link Light Rail Construction - taken over the course of a couple months of spring and summer 2007
Around Seattle - taken late spring of 2007
Juanita Beach, Kirkland, Washington - July 2008
Mom's Trip Up - taken early October of 2009
Disneyland Vacation - March 2011
Lakewold Fairy Fest - June 2017
Tradition Lake, Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, WA - July 2017
Other Photos

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