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One of the ongoing projects here in the greater Seattle area is a light rail project. The route opened in mid to late fall of 2009, and at this time, the full route is from downtown Seattle through the transit tunnel, Sodo, Beacon Hill, along MLK Jr. Way, and into Tukwila and the airport.

At this time (25Dec2011), a route under construction is running from the Convention Place station to the University of Washington, by Husky Stadium - which, itself, is under a remodel. Also at this time, a route to the east side into Bellevue and Redmond is in the final planning stages. Both will be open sometime in the next ten years, from what I gather.

For the future, on the table are extensions from the University District into the northern areas of Seattle, an extension south into Federal Way, and at least in discussion, a yet further southward extenstion into Tacoma, adjacent to the Tacoma Link.

Portions of the rail that actually run alongside Interstate 5, south of Seattle.

Branching off. This second photo is where the rail bed makes its approach to the Tukwila station.

Tukwila station.

This station was open before the Airport station just south of here, and to get passengers from here to the airport, a route 98 was instated. With the opening of the Airport station shortly after completion of this station, the route is only commissioned as a "bridge bus", in the event that any segment of the light rail fails.

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