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Some shots of things seen around Seattle.

On the right is Queen Anne; on the left is the Space Needle, and surrounding that is Seattle Center.

Photograph taken on board Sound Transit route 510 while passing over the Lake Union bridge. There was traffic at this point, otherwise that shot would not even have been this good.

Pier 70 building.

Taken from on board the Cascades train, northbound, at around 18:50 PM one day.

Ballard Locks. From here, boats can get in from Puget Sound into Lake Union, and beyond into Lake Washington.

Post Alley

This tunnel is actually found more or less below the fish market in Pike Place - you know, the one famous for the fish being thrown around. This view comes in after going down a ramp and looking left.

Shot from atop Pike Place Market, overlooking Elliot Bay

I don't know what kind of instrument this is, but if you have ever heard that weird, sliding asian music, this is that instrument. The bow, as near as I can tell, is wrapped around one string, and is played on that accordingly. It doesn't look easy.

Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners. King County Metro's Ryerson Base is in the foreground.

Taken from on board a Metro 194 bus, while at the northern entrance to the Metro Busway.

Some wall art found along the busway.

Cruise lines, I think.

One of the many waterfront hotels in Seattle.

Port Authority building in the background; a bus pretending to be the Seattle Waterfront Streetcar in the foreground, sort of.

A fountain adjacent to the Pier 70 building.

Yes, this is out of order, but with good reason - this was taken on a different day than above.

I'm not sure, but I think that this sculpture is possibly part of the outdoor sculpture museum just south of this point. This overpass, by the way, connects to a road which brings employees down to Amgen to the south, and trucks to Piers 90 and 91 to the north.

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