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As is seemingly appropriate, the premier of this plane had happened on July 8, 2007 (7/8/07) - and if they could have, they likely would have timed it in such a way that the clock likewise lined up. But alas, time was not on their side - just the date.

Outdoor crowd shot. This was the queue to get from the parking lot into a bus, which in turn brought us over to the hangar that this event was being held in.

The line on the left most was still coming in from the parking lot (in the background); the line in the middle was proceeding back in that direction, to come around into the line on the right. What Boeing did in order to run busses was contract with a local school bus operator - after all, who else but such an operator would be able to turn up dozens of busses on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer?

Indoor crowd shots

Tom Brokaw, master of ceremonies

This is the number of these planes ordered. If I remember correctly, there was an increase of this number since the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times had gone to press - something like an additional ten planes were ordered since then.

Segments of a "build" production. The Dreamlifter (third photo), the ugly looking plane with the large tumor, was the plane that was built to haul parts into Paine Field here in Everett. Future parts, as I understand it, will be brought up from Puget Sound, floated into a rail bed connection to the harbor, and rolled up the hill to the plant on a train.

Interior design shots of the plane, featuring the woman who designed the interior of the plane.

Most of the "science fiction" lighting may or may not be present, but what's notable is that the interior will be lit using LEDs, employs larger windows for the passengers, and will also be humidified when at altitude pressure.

Tom and the CEO of Boeing. It is at this point that Mr. Brokaw notes that filling one of these planes with Khazakstanians who have been eating onion sandwiches would be an excellent way to test the air filtration system.

Grand finale before the rollout. The "fault" you see in the screen in the third shot here is the hangar door opening, as is seen in the fourth shot.

"Here she comes, Miss America...."

Hello world.

Front of the bird, over the crowd.

Engine shot. Yes, that is, indeed, a Rolls Royce engine on that bird.

Shot from behind the engine, which shows more of the "serrated edge" on the engine encasement. I'm sure there's a purpose to that.

Back of the plane

Rick Weiss, one of the plane's dev team.

Spanning under the left wing

Back of the engine

Left landing gear

Registration number. We think this may be a promotional thing.

Underside of the bird. I get the feeling this will be the only time I ever get to do this in my entire life.

Shot of the right hand landing gear. Bottle of commemorative water not included.

The instrument on this wheel hub is, if I'm not mistaken, a ground speed tester.

Ack! A red tag! Well, best caught now, if you ask me.

Right landing gear bay

Right engine, frontal shot.

Nose shot.

For what it's worth, those who remember the PSA smile will note that this bird will be first going to All Nippon Airways. I'm not sure when or if the airline who bought PSA will get any.

Second 787, under construction.

You may note that, unlike most new aircraft, this is not covered with a layer of the familiar protective green plastic. The reason is simple - as this plane uses a carbon fiber body, there is no real need to protect the panels against elements.

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