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This is a photo shoot I did back around maybe March or April of 2000 in downtown Huntington Beach. This was a Saturday that I was particularly bored.

These photos were actually placed on a Kodak Picture Disk, so the resolution is only about 640x480. One of these days, I'll have a higher resolution version made.

View of the beach
The hill in the background is Santa Catalina Island.

Looking up Main Street, about half way up from the pier to Starbucks

Some construction in the area - probably just another restaurant

Starbucks Coffee. You just can't avoid them. This one is on Main and Yorktown, about two blocks from the pier.

From the northwest corner of Yorktown and Main

One block south, again on the northwest corner

First and PCH, southwest corner. Photographed specifically because of that limo in the foreground

Corner of First and PCH, looking south on PCH

Highway 39 marker

Intersection of PCH and Beach Blvd, from north on PCH

Intersection of PCH and Beach Blvd, from southwest corner looking northeast
The hill in the background is in Orange, about 15 miles away as the crow flies.

Looking north on Beach Blvd, SW corner of Beach and PCH

Looking at the sun setting directly south from the bus stop I'm not sure what that object is jumping, towards the middle of the picture

A clearer shot of Catalina Island from the bus stop on PCH and Beach

On the sand, looking east
The mountain in the background is Mt. San Antonio, the highest point in Orange County (5700 ft)
The buildings are just a snack bar and a restroom at the beach.

Last of the sunset, looking up the beach at the bus stop

And just after sunset, everything good happens. =^_^=

San Gabriel Mountains
I was at the car entry a few blocks down from Beach Blvd. at this point; if I'm not mistaken, it may have been the Magnolia stop. Since I've just added this caption and it's been eleven years, I unfortunately don't remember.

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