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This contains a whole mess of photographs I took during a vacation to southern California from December 22, 2007 to January 2, 2008. The links are to the left, as always, and are in approximate order that I shot them in.

Like in any photoshoot, there are photos I wish I could have taken but didn't. In most cases, though, while I'll never be able to get the exact shot, I can get what I'm looking for. For instance, much of the Live Oak Canyon shooting was done from the inside of my mother's car, which I think reduced the quality a bit.

I took this trip largely with the desire to see family and friends, and the fact that I had just about enough miles to go and fly down on United Airlines. So the goal was met, I went and saw people I hadn't seen in a while, and came home. The down side is that, the day I returned, my uncle, John Bagwell, passed on due to complications from epilepsy he had suffered throughout much of his life. Regretfully, I got no photos of John - but, my mother did, and those will be included here sooner or late

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Shots From the Aircraft
Family Members
Some Cats
Going Through the Canyons in Orange County
Drive-By Shooting: Freeway Photos
Shots in Los Angeles
Shots From The Rails
The Old Mother Road
Other Scenery Shots
Huntington Beach, California
Los Angeles County Arboretum
Ontario International Airport
Other Shots

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