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This was a small event over at Lakewold Gardens in Lakewood, Washington.

Lakewold Gardens in particular is a public arboretum that was once somebody's private property. While this wasn't a fairy event as such, their objective was to give it a faeish theming. Still, it wound up here as it didn't really fall into the millieu of fantasy events.

I nevertheless wanted to photograph the event, and besides, this was the break-in event for my new camera. My one regret is that I didn't shoot everything I wanted to - but I was still having a difficult time at that point. Still, here are the shots I did get.

First group of performers. These young ladies did a choreographed number to "Fairy Night Songs" by Gary Statler.

Guest pool.

The property itself was originally a private residence (see the plaque above).

Second group of performers, who also performed to Fairy Night Songs.

Suddenly, a random young fairy appears....

The Leonhards, who were vending. One of just a couple vendors on site.

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