Tradition Lake, Tiger Mountain
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One of my spots, as it were, is this area up in the Tiger Mountain complex in Issaquah. This one, in particular, is particularly special for me - in mid March of 2001, well before I moved up here, the eastbound approach to this mountain - complete with a leftward turn on Interstate 90 to get around the mountain - was something I had seen in a dream. To the best of my knowledge, I had never seen this before in my life.

(A side note - I suppose it is possible I had seen it when we visited the area in summer of 1987, but it doesn't seem very likely to me.)

In any case, this is along the trail from the parking lot on the north face of the mountain along a portion of the Tradition Lake trail. I did not take the entire loop for this one, as I was feeling a bit more pressed for time.

One more bit as a word from the wise: if you ever take this hike, make sure you dose yourself with insect repellant. The mosquitos are horrible here.

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