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So, no big secret, the big thing this year has been a particular coronavirus that has quite literally been killing people. As a result, governments as a whole - in an abundance of caution - have pretty much shut down everytyhing.

For my plans, I'm taking 2020 off regardless of the current pandemic. With my last update I had noted that I had been having a really hard couple of years - and one aspect I see is a looming burn out. I don't want that, so my plans before the pandemic involved skipping Faerieworlds to begin with - and honestly, it may well cancel this year's Faerieworlds run altogether. So at this point, I may attend what's left in Scheduling for this year, depending on how this pandemic goes over.

While we're waiting for this to blow over, I've created a new downloads section. I've become enamoured with an Android application called Out Of Milk for my grocery shopping as it has an import function, so I have exported the list I use and will be building on it. Since this has no better spot to go at this time, I've put this there for your enjoyment - and I will update as time goes on.

In the "still to do" department:

  • Coffee IV - hardcopy photos received, gotta scan those photos when I can find them
  • CPAP Survival Guide - on hold for now
  • Rebuild and resuscitation of Northarc anime images gallery (the old gallery is gone)

Stay safe out there.


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