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If you are reading this, you probably found this link from my classmates.com biographical information. Or you followed from my page.

I put this up here on my own server for two reasons - one, because I can, and two, I got a little fed up when I realized that I had all of four thousand characters to sum up my life thus far over on Classmates. This latter point poses a bit of a problem - if you put me behind a keyboard, I tend to ramble somewhat, and would probably have left off in my "life" biography right around the time I moved from an apartment near Atwood. Besides, I'm not really a fan of arbitrary limits, and since I run a server out of a small box the size of a 18" thick stack of index cards, I may as well make some use of it, right?


Life Bio - Life... don't talk to me about life.
School memories - Reminiscing about being a seriously mixed up kid
On the net - calm down, it's all just 1s and 0s!
College - Hard Knocks U, perpetual student; Bellevue College, class of 2013
Work - when I absolutely, positively have to eat
The transplant - A little something about why I moved from Teh OC to Seattle

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