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Hmm... memories of school. I guess that all things considered, I should have come out and been a complete nutcase earlier, but on the other hand, I guess it takes a lot for the class schlemiel to come out of his/her shell.

The one memory I can think of immediately is of Mrs. Traylor advising me to take a year off of school, save up, and go back to college on my own dime once I've done so. For a while, I regretted taking this advice, really, because people are right - it's incredibly difficult to go back to school once you've left and put out on your own. You wind up building up a life outside of school, and then find that since you've started doing this, you can't turn back, give it all up, and go to school. Or rather, you don't want to. It's hard to decide just where the truth lies on this, but I think it's more of the "want" side.

But on the other hand, perhaps she was right. Upon returning to school in 2011, I noted more of a drive to succeed, and eighteen years of developing a work ethic of sorts has given me the drive to at least hopefully do well in school. Granted, there was incentive - since I was not self funded, dropping below a certain grade point average puts that funding in jeopardy.

I'll think of more later though. Probably some random morning at 2:00 AM I'll find this updated. But I guess there's not much I really want to talk about here.

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