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Perpetual student of Hard Knocks University. Graduation date? Well... watch for my obituary in the Seattle Times. Not the easiest course to take I guess, but what can you do?

As far as college, I actually took a few units here and there in the 1990s - a semester of Japanese, two of ballet, and comp information services - the latter of which I dropped promptly after deciding that I probably didn't need a course whose curriculum revolved around picking up a particular computer peripheral and telling the class, "This is a mouse".

In 2011, I reentered school at Bellevue College - I had just been laid off of work, and my then girlfriend had been laid off one year prior to this - and unsuccessful in finding work due to lack of educataion. Seeing the writing on the wall, we both returned to school to pursue degrees, with the idea that these would be useful in about two years.

Said ex girlfriend continued after 2013, though at that time we then both had our Associates degrees. I stopped my studies, having run out of money. Somewhere in here, Heather (who's been my roommate since 2009) went back to school herself - and graduated with honors in 2016 as a Registered Nurse. She, too, shall continue her studies.

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