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The object:

The object of any drinking game is to see how much alcohol one can consume based on the cues outlined in said drinking game before they pass out. Normally, it's based on somebody doing or saying something that is done or said repeatedly throughout a movie.

This drinking game was designed with the frat-guy in college in mind, or anybody of Irish, German, Italian or Australian descent (in other words, those who are known for a high tolerance of alcohol).

What you need:

One fifth of Midori

One pint of Southern Comfort

Plenty of your favorite beer, preferably a microbrew (Zima, if you can find it, doesn't count - it's not beer)

One glass of your favorite wine

One shotglass

One wine glass for the aforementioned wine

One beer glass (optional, if you get standard size bottles of your beer)

Water, as to prevent a nasty hangover (optional)

KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR LIMITS. This is a pretty rough game, and keep in mind here that you are mixing alcohols. Thus the water - it's to keep you from getting a nasty hangover that lasts a week.



one full shotglass, approximately 25 mL, or one half of one of those little bottles you would get on an airplane. This only applies to the hard liquor.


enough in one shot to cover two "drinks". See "drink" below.


- however much you would normally pull into your mouth in one shot if you were drinking something without alcohol in it (say, orange juice).

Sip -

one half of one drink, or however much you would pull into your mouth if you were drinking a hot beverage such as fresh brewed coffee (and no, not after it's been sitting around for 1/2 hour to cool off! That would be cheating!)

The Game

Every time somebody says "green" and it's not a reference to the color of a light: one shot of Midori (because it is green)

Every time Ruby Rhod says "Korben" - one drink

Every time Leeloo winds up in Korben's arms - a sip

Every time Korben's mother calls - two drinks, very fast (because you'd need it too)

Every time anyone mentions the stones or the elements - a gulp.

Each time Fr. Cornelius (Ian Holm's character) stutters - one sip for each, until he gets it right or is stopped.

Each time Gemini Croquets is alluded to - one drink.

Whenever Finger is mentioned - one drink.

Every time the professor in the beginning of the film says "Aziz, light!" - one drink

When the professor at the beginning of the movie proposes the toast - drink the glass of wine

Every time the evil planetoid is seen - two sips.

Every time Leeloo says "Multipass" - a sip

For each point Korben loses on his license - a sip.

Every time Zorg says "I know" - one sip

Every time General Munro gets in trouble - one drink

Every time "Save The World" is said - one shot of Southern Comfort

Every time there is a gunfight or explosion - two gulps.

Whenever Ruby says "Zzzz!" - one shot for each.

Every time someone asks for some heat - a sip

Every time somebody is seen smoking - one drink

© Dennis Carr and Karmin Carr; originally created on December 31, 1999

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