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This particular gallery is pretty much the outtakes folder. It more or less constitutes a brief lesson in how one should not take somebody's picture.

I will openly confess that these are photos that, for the most part, are pretty much bloopers that are worth archiving for this purpose. In the first case, however, this was more or less intentional to demonstrate something of a blunder I frequently see at many a convention, ren faire, et cetera.

All considered, most of these photos - as they accumulate - should be pretty self explanatory.

For all intents and purposes, I have a few good guidelines that I use whenever I'm on a shoot



And with that, here are the outtakes.

This shot is intentional for purpose of demonstration - and our subject was very, VERY gracious in doing this. I only wish I could remember her name.

While this is an otherwise good costume, there are several problems with the photograph.

For starters, the subject's arms are pulled all the way in. So you can see she's wearing harem pants on the lower half of her body, but you can't do much with the upper part.

Second, there's the nose and cigarette. She's supposed to be dressed as a fairy, and while it's undeniable that you'll get smoking fairies, this breaks the illusion of the costume.

Third, there's the Biffies in the background. 'Nuff said.

The moral of this story is simple: don't do this.

This is a true blooper on my part. This one would otherwise have been a great shot, except for the fact that it was too dark to work without a flash, resulting in a very dark photograph. Side effects are those artifacts inthe lower left of the shot, an awkward facial expression, and not really being in focus all that well.

This one's simple; I moved at the wrong time. Oops!

Eyes are shut here. It happens and it can be hard to control.

One trick is to offer to count to three - and then shoot at 1.

Autofocus doesn't always work. It's damn good and better than it was originally, but it doesn't always work.

On this one, there's a huge lens flare and the subject - the violinist in the middle - is just setting up.

I have no idea what the camera focused on here, but it's possible that I defocused at the wrong time.

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