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I got into anime fandom back in 1996, when a friend of mine introduced me to it. after that, for about six years, I had staffed and/or photographed four different conventions as well as a small event at a since gone comic book shop in Garden Grove, California.

I am hoping to do more of these. Unfortunately, Sakura Con - Seattle's large anime con - is on the same weekend as Norwescon. Until that problem is fixed, it will make things a little bit difficult.

All this said, this archive currently contains photos I have taken at Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA), Anime Central (Rosemont, IL), Animagic (Lancaster, CA), Sakura Con (Seattle, WA), and the two Anime Appreciation Day events that I was able to make it to at the late Mile High Comics (Garden Grove, CA) before the shop was regretfully destroyed in an electrical fire.

Also in here is the link to the Northarc Anime Image Archive, which I started back around 15 years ago to have a quick gallery to stuff that I like. There haven't been that many updates to it of late, unfortunately - hopefully, that will change fairly soon.



Convention photographs
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