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Update 08Sep2019

Multiple updates in this batch.

  • 08Sep2019: Uploaded Faerieworlds 2019
  • 07Sep2019: multiple updates
    • Added Spring Fairy Festival 2018 and 2019
    • Added Faerieworlds 2018
    • Fixed verbiage on the left link for Faerieworlds
    • Separated the winter Faerieworlds events to their own directory - Faeriecon West and Mythicworlds.
  • 03Sep2019: Added Fairyblossom 2018 and Fall Fantasy Fair 2017.

Had a bit of a rough couple of years there, but I'm getting better. Coming soonish will be Faerieworlds and Spring Fantasy Festival from 2018 and 2019.

I've always enjoyed things fantastical - so one can imagine my delight when I discovered there were full blown conventions near me that actually cater to this!

These photos are from said events that I've been to, natch.

Faerieworlds I had discovered through a former girlfriend and her house, who had introduced me to this back when we were coworkers. The event pretty much revolves around more of a music festival.

Spring Fairy Festival I had heard about while at Faerieworlds winter 2010, when one of the vendors - Crescent Moon Gifts - were advertising it at their table. Fall Fantasy Faire is run by the same shop and is a newer event.

Norwescon is more of a science fiction and fantasy literary convention (as opposed to straight science fiction, I suppose), and if one is into steampunk, there's quite a bit of good stuff.

GeekGirlCon is about the women in geek culture - not to showcase as such, but to promote that yes, they are there, and they're not about simply making you a sandwich - unless they are making you into a sandwich.

Fairyblossom Festival is the newest event on this page, and was started by Ammie Hague - who does promotions and other stuff in the region for this sort of thing.

PAX - Penny Arcade Expo - is a video game con that I had a chance to visit once.

Penumbra Faire was an event that was put on by the Seattle Knights, a local jousting group that is currently a mainstay for the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. There was only one event in '09, regrettably, and there is hope to do it again - but first, they need a decent venue....

I'm also keeping an eye out for other events, so if you know of some, please tell me. =^_^=



Faeriecon West and Mythicworlds
Spring Fairy Festival
Fairyblossom Festival
Fall Fantasy Faire
Penumbra Faire

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