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Not quite as well known as Penny Arcade Expo, PAX is a video/computer gaming convention held for some time now. I first heard about them when they answered a challenge brought out by now-disbarred attorney Jack Thompson - who failed to meet his end of the bargain. (Long and short: he said he'd donate money to an anti game violence group if somebody developed a video game in which the player kills video game developers, and failed to do so - so the Penny Arcade authors did in his name.)

All in all, it was particularly crowded, and I still had a blast just wandering around the grounds - and the costume work, if you ask me, is phenomenal.

In general, the convention is held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle. Frankly, it's the biggest facility the state has without renting out Centurylink Field - which, at that time of year, is impossible unless the Seahawks are playing an away game.


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