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Sometimes, in the dead of winter, you need a bright spot - and that is precisely what these were.

Faerieworlds had been doing winter events since before I started attending their events in 2010, from what I gather - and their first event I attended was the 2010 event in Eugene. It eventually made its way up to Seattle (2012), where it stayed until it was put on an indefinite hiatus.

I'm not entirely sure why that happened, and I really miss this event as it was so close to home.

Despite the name I'm including the Faerieworlds 2010 Winter Ball here; the seasonal shift seems to make that appropriate.


Winter Ball 2010 - Lane Events Center, Eugene, OR
Faeriecon West 2012 - Renaissance Hotel, Seattle, WA
Faeriecon West 2013 - Renaissance Hotel, Seattle, WA
Faeriecon West 2014 - Doubletree, Seatac, WA
Mythicworlds 2015 - Doubletree, Seatac, WA
Mythicworlds 2016 - Doubletree, Seatac, WA
Mythicworlds 2017 - Doubletree, Seatac, WA

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