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This was a small event put on by Seattle Knights back in 2009.

From what I've been told by one of their members (who I commute with on a semi-regular basis), an event that happened a month or so prior (called "Fairies and Berries") was a test run at the same location. It went well, so they kept up. Regrettably, however, the farm was sold - and a new location they were eyeing in North Bend, WA did not work out at all due to various issues.

Elsewise, I've been informed they're eyeing a property somewhere in Sultan, WA for this event - a bit far flung, but not as far as, say, Cle Elum.

So for these reasons, I'm putting this one up here in a grid in hopes that there will be more of such events.

2009 - V2 Farm, Enumclaw, WA

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