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The simplest way to get updates is to subscribe to a mailing list I've set up on this server. This is a low traffic, announce only list - I only send a message when I do updates to this page, or if there is to be scheduled downtime that renders the page inaccessible - and then bring it back up.

An important note - I will NEVER distribute the email addresses that this list accummulates. I am not spam friendly in the slightest.

So. All that said, if you wish to subscribe, click on this link and send the resulting blank message, or send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject line if that doesn't work for some strange reason.

If you're already subscribed, and wish to unsubscribe, then click on this link (and send the blank message), or send a blank message to

Semi important: In both cases, you will get a confirmation request in your inbox. For either action, you MUST respond to the confirmation. Just follow the directions - you should be able to simply hit reply and send.

(No, mom, really, those blank emails are fine. It's just for the list server. You can write whatever you want, and it will happily ignore the text.)

Lastly, there is a link to the left to get to the page where the list lives. It's not as pretty as, say, Yahoo or Google Groups, but it'll get the job done.

Subscribe to list (goes to email)
Unsubscribe from list (goes to email)
Email list web interface - manage subscription in your browser

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