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What is the Team??

The DWS Team consists of volunteer webmasters that are willing to offer their services in their spare time. Face it, this sort of business does not make us a lot of money, so we have to have day jobs to support our lives. None the less, we are devoted to granting our users the best service we can.

The DWS Team is the group that creates, maintains, and moniters our user's sites and chat rooms. We are the reason DWS is in operation.

The people below are members of the DWS Team:


Drako Tags - Founder

You may contact the team Members individually through their own sites.

  • Important Notes

    Your website will be on shared hosting with all our other sites - the bandwidth is shared.
    Larger sites may become mirrored to reduce the bandwidth load and allow all sites equal access to their visitors.
    The DWS Team will place their Ad Code on every page of your site.
    Our shared hosting servers may also be ad supported.
  • DWS Team

    The DWS Team is a group of volunteer webmasters that offer their services to our users.
    Team members strive to offer the best service they can to our users.
    Anyone with website experience can volunteer and become a DWS Team Member.
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