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Existing Members: Use the menu above to contact us or login to make changes to your site.

By signing up, you agree to the following:

  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Sites are hosted on shared servers
  • DWS and server ads will be on your site
  • We pay nothing out of pocket for any of the hosting.
  • Some hosts are donated to us by the fine folks listed to the right, and deserve a big "thank you" for the space they have given us for FREE.

You also agree to the DWS Terms of Service

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Note: Your username will be the domain used for your site. It may only contain letters, numbers, dashes (-) and underscores (_).

You may choose a layout for your site by clicking here and enter it into the field labeled "Template of Choice" below.
If you do not choose a layout, you will be left with a very basic website.

To signup for our FREE Hosting and Authoring Service:
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Upgrade Options

If you need a more customized approach, or would like to have a dedicated server for your site - a server you may be granted access to - please go to DTech for Your Custom Website Solution. Offered to you by Drako Swiftclaw himself.

Server Space donated by:
Dennis the Tiger

For those of you that wish to do all the work yourselves, click here to check out other hosting options.

  • DWS Team

    The DWS Team is a group of volunteer webmasters that offer their services to our users.
    Team members strive to offer the best service they can to our users.
    Anyone with website experience can volunteer and become a DWS Team Member.
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