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Upgrade Information

Here are the details to your upgrade options:

Online File Manager
This is a $5 per Month DWS Upgrade that grants you an Online File Manager, accessible via your Online Account on DWS. The file manager uses something we call "modified HTML" for your usage. What makes it modified? It's HTML in the snadard context, except that "<" is "[" and ">" is "]" within OFM. The changes you submit via OFM will still be sent to the DWS Team, who will then change the page accordingly, and then change the OFM file to match the changes you made. The reason for the monthly fee is that it is an extra step our Team Members would have to take when handling your account, and thus takes up more of their time.
Note: This upgrade option is activated by the DWS Team as soon as your upgrade is confirmed. However, it may take some time for the Team to finish implementing this upgrade.

DWS Ad-Free
This is a $5 per month DWS Upgrade that will remove the DWS Ad-Bar from all pages on your site. The DWS Ad-Bar is the Banner ad and Search Engine placement just above every page of your site. This option does not remove any server based advertising, which will be listed in your Upgrade Options List for every Ad-Supported Server your site sits on.
Note: This upgrade option is activated by the DWS Team as soon as your upgrade is confirmed. However, it may take some time for the Team to finish implementing this upgrade.

Server Ad-Free
This is usually listed on your list as SERVER Ad-Free under the DWS Upgrade Options. (Where SERVER is the name of the Server(s) your site is on.) The price associated with these upgrade options are the lowest Monthly Fee to remove the Server's ads from your site. This option is setup to only list servers that your website has pages on that currently enforce ads on your pages. We do not list any servers that do not enforce ads, or have been upgraded by other users to remove those ads. Server Upgrades are a "shared expense" item where users can help themselves and others out by upgrading one (or more) of their servers to remove the ads. This allows users to keep within a set budget when upgrading their sites. This means your upgrades can be as flexible as you are. You can upgrade any server(s) you wish to, and control your own monthly costs.
Note: This upgrade option is activated upon the 1st of the month and only after your upgrade is confirmed. So, if you were to upgrade on January 10th, and confirm your upgrade by January 15th, your upgrade will be active the 1st of February.

Please note that users must confirm their upgrade by either making their first payment and/or setting up recurring payments that start with that first payment. Recurring payments will be automatically charged against your Credit Card, Checking Account, or Online Payment System on the same day of every month. (Or once every 30 days.) The DWS Team will not setup the upgrades until after this confirmation is made, and the first payment is received.

Users: Keep an eye on your Current Monthly Fee - Located at the top Right of your Online Account
This is the amount you are paying us every month. Payments are usually automactially taken out of your Billing Account (as noted above) on the same day you confirmed each upgrade option. Each upgrade option will add to that Monthly Fee, meaning that each time you upgrade, you are opting to pay more for your hosting through DWS. Upgrading your site is your choice, and you can control your costs by ensuring you only upgrade to a level you can afford, and are willing to upgrade to.

Never send us your Credit Card, Banking Information, or other Sesitive Material of the sort to us via e-Mail!
Always use the payment processing link provided to you by the DWS Team Member responding to your upgrade option. All payments must be made through a processor like PayPal or AlertPay. Inform Drako at of any Team Member asking for Payment Information via e-Mail without providing a link to a Payment Processor. The Team Member responding to your upgrade request is responsible for making sure that the upgrade gets activated as per the terms noted above. If you and that Team Member come to a disagreement, and cannot resolve it between each other, contact Drako using the afore mentioned e-Mail.

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