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Terms of Service

Well, our terms of service are rather simple. We offer a service to our users. This service is not to be used for any illegal purposes. All sites performing illegal activities will be deleted and/or reported to the appropriate authorities.

We do believe in the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. The content on our users' sites is the responsibility of our users. We are willing to post adult content on websites, however we will also grant full warning of such content and rate the pages accordingly, to help in filtering out that contest using Parental Control Filter programs.

The sites hosted by DWS are the sites of our users. We do not endorse nor condone the content of any of our users' sites. We also do not claim responsibility or ownership of any of said content.

DWS Has complete ownership of The TNSC Community, but is not responsible for the actions and postings of anyone on the TNSC website. As per the TNSC Community Rules available here.

Here is a more detailed version of the TOS:

Be respectful of others
Do not harass, spam, or use DWS/TNSC services to cause any kind of harm to others.

Be kind.

Obey the laws of the United States

TNSC Radio
TNSC Radio is by the users, for the users. Such as the rest of the site. TNSC Radio is uncensored and we continue in our beliefs of the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Press. TNSC Radio is a freedomist radio station. We do not endorse anything broadcasted on TNSC Radio.

The TNSC Mail service has a strict anti-SPAM policy.
Any user of the TNSC Mail service caught using the service to send out SPAM will immediately lose their e-mail account. If the user violates this term again with another TNSC Mail account, they will be banned from the website, and possible further legal action may be taken. We do track IP Address.
Anyone sending SPAM to the users of a TNSC Mail account may have the e-mail fowarded to the FTC as a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. We may also take other futher legal action to protect our members from SPAM.

1. To report SPAM coming from a TNSC Mail service user (AKA, FOWARD the e-mail to the DWS Team (
2. TNSC Mail users being sent SPAM, you may foward it to the FTC for legal review ( then you may continue by reporting the SPAM message to the server, using the "This is SPAM" button.

To put it in basic terms, obey the laws of the internet, the USA, and help to make DWS/TNSC a positive, friendly, and safe place for everyone.

DWS/TNSC is open to all people, and contains the different views from all different walks of life. Parts of the TNSC website may contain content not suitable for children.

The DWS/TNSC TOS states that our users are responsible for their own actions. We state the postings on TNSC and DWS user sites are the views of our users, and not DWS. Anything posted by the DWS Team is usually the views of the Team member that posted it.

Child Safety

In accordance to child safety laws, DWS/TNSC cannot collect personal information of anyone under the age of 13, without the express permission of the child's parent/gaurdian.

If you are under the age of 13, before signing up and using any DWS/TNSC Services, please ask for your parent's permission. We would also like to have your parents send the DWS Team something stating that they grant permission for their child to utilize any DWS/TNSC Service.

Parents, We are informing you now that TNSC is a freedomist Community website. We do not moniter much of the site, and only DWS Moderated Chat rooms are monitered. Thus stating our visitors may post content that is questionable or adult in nature. These postings are the views of our visitors, and not DWS/TNSC.

Parents, please moniter your children's activities when they are online. This is to help ensure that they remain safe from the evil running about the web nowadays. This also includes adult content hosted on our servers and on TNSC. We rate that content and place appropriate warnings.

The Child Safety Terms put the parents in responsibility of the actions of their children while they surf the web. We have noted that children may also be guilty of crimes, and violations of our Terms of Service.

We ask that children do not attempt to utilize our services without the express permission and under supervision from their parents.

If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and reach a warning page stating that you must be at least 18 in order to view the content within, you MUST NOT go any further into that site. We urge parents to turn on Parental Controls and/or filters to prevent children from accessing adult content. We want to trust that the children will not go past that warning, but in case they do try, we have rated those pages to help filters in blocking the content from viewers under the age of 18. The TNSC Website has a warning on its home page to encompass the entire site, even though only parts of it contain adult content.

If you are a parent of a child and do not moniter their activites, they may access information and or sites you do not want them to see. Turn on the filters and moniter them. We are NOT responsible for their actions, but you (as parents) can be held accountable for not taking the necessary steps in preventing them from accessing adult and/or questionable content.

If one of our pages does not get filtered out by your Parental Control Filters, feel free to manually add it to the blacklist of the filter. You may even have the filter company rate the page on their own systems. We have the meta-tag ratings to help the filters.

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