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A Message from Our Founder

When I started TNSC Radio in 2000, it was just a dream-a calling. A mission to do something different. Internet Radio has come a long way as well, and TNSC had to evolve. By 2003, TNSC became a community, still centered around this online station. We then became an alternative to the other online communities, which were not only heavily ad laden, but also gave away their users' e-mail addresses to sponsers. Again, we wanted to be different. But by 2005, the calling grew too big for just one small community, and it's team of 5 webmasters. TNSC began to offer hosting and an art community site as well. Around the same time, my own Personal Site, Drako's Personal Homepage, was begining to offer its own art and image community, which also allowed adult images.

TNSC was growing too big for such a small group, and it had begun to offer hosting services as well. However, the hosting was highly limited, and starting to compete in an already over-saturated market. There were even hosting companies, like the one TNSC used to run on, that had to double or triple the ads and popups on the sites, or shut down. We knew then there wasn't really the guraentee that TNSC would survive on its own like that, much like there is no guarentee of a feasable paycheck in such a market. Besides, as the owners of TNSC-we wanted to be differnet.

So in 2005, we broke down TNSC. We opened up Drako's Website Services to take charge of the hosting, creation, monitering, and updating of all website realted services that TNSC used to offer. This meant a major change-and due to name changes, and intense ads on TNSC-some server changes as well. This allows us to keep the smaller, yet better, alternative to communities in operation-under our ownership. We handle all the website stuff, TNSC can be the community and radio station we wanted it to be, and DPH can be our art and image community. This also allows TNSC to be a center point between radio, community, art/images, and of course, hosting.

Now for where we decided to be different-Unlike most hosting companies. We will not only host your site, but create and maintain it for you. We also place no space limits on our users' sites. However, since this is an industry where getting paid is rare, we will use free servers and donated servers to host your content-but there still is no cost to you to use our services, meaning you get a webmaster team working on your site at least part time for FREE. That's a difference we have between any other webmaster team on the web.

Sure, our team does this on their spare time, but it's because we want to. The other reason its a spare time deal for them is to maintain our own lives, we need to have day jobs. This kind of industry would not pay us enough to pay our bills, and thats a fact. Sure, we allow our users paid upgrade options, but they are still way cheaper than the other folks-and that's because we only do this part time.

We know there's a lot of options out there, and that we are only advertised from links on our user's sites, and word of mouth-none of us can really afford the time, effort, and cost of doing major advertising-but we are still a decent service here for you. WE pride ourselves in the service we can provide, even if it is merely set as a hobby to us. We do ask that you consider us as an option for your hosting and web authoring needs.


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