Free Advertising

We offer several free advertising solutions to webmasters. These solutions are available to anyone who has a website, regardless of the kind of website or it's content, provided its legal. So if you are looking for a good Free Advertising solution, you have come to the right place.

The solutions we offer are as follows:

You place our banner exchange code on your site, and we'll put your banner into the rotation. It will be seen on all DWS Sites and other Banner Exchange members' sites.

Join the SiteRing and users can find you from all sites on the DWS SiteRing. You will need to place the SiteRing code on your site.

The TopSites is just like the SiteRing. Users can find your site fron any site on the TopSites List. You will need to put a link to the TopSites on your site. A link code is provided to you that will vote you into a higher position on the TopSites.

A plain and simple way to get your site added to DWS Search engines, along with several other search engines. Completely free of charge. Some of the search engine submitters may ask for you to place a link to them on your site.

The DWS FFA Links allows users to find you site from DWS and TNSC by checking out the FFA Links page. No code is required to be put on your site, but a link to the DWS FFA Links page is appreciated.

Now someone asked us how we can offer these services for free. Well, it is pretty simple:
1. We do not pay for any hosting services, all of it is given to us.
2. We also have paid sponsor ads that are on DWS Sites and the Banner Exchange.

  • Important Notes

    Your website will be on shared hosting with all our other sites - the bandwidth is shared.
    Larger sites may become mirrored to reduce the bandwidth load and allow all sites equal access to their visitors.
    The DWS Team will place their Ad Code on every page of your site.
    Our shared hosting servers may also be ad supported.
  • DWS Team

    The DWS Team is a group of volunteer webmasters that offer their services to our users.
    Team members strive to offer the best service they can to our users.
    Anyone with website experience can volunteer and become a DWS Team Member.
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