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This is just the repository of stuff I've commissioned from various artists over time.

The initial bits came around in 2007 from Rainfurrest that year.

Badge commissioned from K'sharra

The glass in hand would be mead. The glass itself, I noticed when I got home, was one of the hotel room drinking glasses. =^^=

Character commission by D. C. Simpson. I think I had him omit the pants for the same reason that he omits pants on one of the title characters of one of his comics, but it seems to work well with the coffee in hand....

Full sketch of my character, this one also by K'sharra.

The large bottle to the right would be mead. The contraption on top was an airlock, which I had with me. (That bears an explanation: I had just cracked open the first bottle of mead from a batch I had completed, but this involved beer bottles. Fortunately, I had caps and a capper with me to reseal it - but I also put my airlocks in my cap container.)

This was the result of a conversation with another local fur. This is probably the only pr0n prawn that I will ever get from D. C. Simpson, who sketched this. Or anybody else, for that matter.

(OK, really, I just had to get it out of my system, and I had pretty much noticed that nobody had ever drawn anthromorphic prawns.)

Ultimately, I think this was the result of too much coffee.

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