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Tiger costume fashioned in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats - modifications. Update from this costume
Completed: September 2011
Debuted: September 2011
Composition: Nylon spandex unitard, with acrylic paint airbrushed on it; yarn braid tail (not used this time), face paint (Ben Nye powder cake), half wig reused from the previous version; contacts not used
Airbrush Work: The Scent Of Art, Tacoma, WA

With the previous version, due to a miscommunication from me, the front wound up being almost entirely white - and I wanted something that looked a little closer to what it should be. So we remade it. In this case, it was Alicia's first time actually painting the unitard while it was on the person, and from there, her work has just taken off for such projects.

This wound up being a significant improvement. The only problem I had was that I had forgotten the tail, contacts, and some details on the face paint. That's going to have to be debuggged next year I think.

Progression of work in front

The first shot is actually the back of the unitard, but for this case, it's mostly to show the base of what she did in order to properly center everything; this way, we could get something of a color pattern properly over the contours of my body and not have it look funny.

Progression on the back of the costume

Completed in front

Completed in back

Costume in action!

Or me, just in costume. =^_^=

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