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Tiger costume fashioned in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats - modifications. Update from this costume
Completed: April 2008
Debuted: September 2008
Composition: Nylon spandex unitard, with acrylic paint airbrushed on it; yarn braid tail, face paint (Ben Nye cream cake), half wig reused from the previous version; later, contacts added in
Airbrush Work: The Scent Of Art, Tacoma, WA

This version came about because I determined I wanted something that looked a little more organic than the previous version. So, I located an airbrush artist to do the job for me in Tacoma, and we came up with this. Come to find out later that this was the first time Alicia at SOA had done anything quite like this.

All considered, I thought it came out pretty well, except based on the instructions I gave, it wound up that the front of the suit was almost all white, so it didn't have the effect. We later created 2.1, which debuted in 2011.

Very beginnings

Details down the front of the legs

The finished product

Contact lenses

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