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This is the place where those other costumes that I have no other identification for wind up. Still, there's a story behind them all.

First costume worn at Faerieworlds

Shirt obtained from a private party; leggings obtained at University of Washington's annual costume sale that happens around Halloween. The cane I got from a drug store - it's not part of the costume, I had sprained my ankle a couple of weeks prior to this.

"Tinkerbell has let herself go"

Costume is a repurposed ice skater's dress with a hand made leaf belt and wand; so made by The Scarlet Curtain. Shoes I've had for a while, and the tights I can't remember. I think I needed more something.

This costume was built because I decided that the components of it looked good together.

The tops and belt were obtained from Mishu Boutique in Seattle. The leotard and tights I had were what I normally wear to my ballet class.

Another repurposed costume!

This was a dance costume I found at Scarlet Curtain back in 2010. Figuring I could do something with it, I bought it. It didn't quite fit right, so I had it remodeled at Costumes Period (below), and found something else while I was there too.

I'm not sure what production it was from - nobody can seem to pinpoint it. Bu-ut....

...with this doublet I bought from Costumes Periodin Auburn, WA when I had this reworked to fit better and add a pair of boots, this is what happens.

I obtained this unitard from Red Light some time ago, and it was only because I thought it looked uber cool. I wound up using it as a costume with bits I bought from Scarlet Curtain at the Faerieworlds 2010 Winter Balls.

I suppose it could be some sort of tree, or insect, or something. I've never been entirely sure.

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