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Costume created on a concept from a video game Completed: October 2003
Composition: Fake fur with a padded bodysuit underneath to fill out the costume; gloves to allow for manual dexterity while keeping illusion, and foot covers to allow for any kind of shoe to be worn; outer and innner bodysuit designed so that a quick escape to the restroom can be made if necessary
Costume created by Astrid's Costume Attic, Buena Park, California (now out of business)

The origin of this costume revolves around the video game Final Fantasy VIII - in this, one of the characters, Laguna Loire, had met up with these creatures in a work camp wile incarcerated there. From what I recall, he actually helped liberate them, and at that point, the word "Laguna" made it into their otherwise single word vocabulary.

Originally, my ex wife and I intended to go to Anime Central or another anime con so decked out. This never happened due to budgetary constraints, and...well, she's now my ex.

Before that, rather than a "fursuit" costume, I had originally wanted to do something similar to the tiger costumes you see here - that is, have it based entirely off of a unitard. Astrid had actually decided that this wouldn't look so good, given my somewhat flabby physique at the time. Granted, at the time of writing this, I'm still a bit on the fluffy side....

Suffice it to say, though, this costume never came out. It's probable that it could be made into a lion, but I'm not sure what I'd do with this thing anymore - I've been toting it around since it's been completed.

Basis of character. This is a moomba.

Under suit

This is actually a pad sandwich, for all intents and purposes. Directly on my body is a Leg Avenue skin tone unitard, on which the padding is sewn; over this is pretty much spandex.

Head shot!

Outer body suit, not completely ready

Finishing the details

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