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There is no one singular origin to any of these costumes, they're pretty much put together from here and there. If anything, I'll be adding in here details about these.

It's worth noting here that none of these have any particular character behind them. They just are, and frankly there are times where I just enjoy wearing this stuff for no better reason than to do so. =D

This costume is sort of interesting, all considered.

To my recollection, it's been more or less compared to a hobbit, a wizard, a random faire goer, and a couple of other things that have slipped my mind.

The shirt was acquired from a friend a long time ago; it has since become unwearable due to age. With this is a belt that I have since lost, a pair of dance tights, and a cloak I obtained from a vendor at the Crossroads Faire in 1996.

New and improved!

Minus the cloak.

Shirt obtained from The Badger's Den in Gig Harbor, WA. Pants obtained from a private party. Boots purchased at A Masquerade Costume in Bellevue Washington. Striped tights (almost invisible) purchased (I think) at Red Light Clothing in Seattle, WA. Pouch purchased from Mishu Boutique of Seattle, WA while at Faerieworlds 2011. Bottle yoke purchased at a leather vendor who slips my mind at the moment. Bottle purchased at Mountain Homebrew in Kirkland, WA as part of my home brewing and mead making equipment - and it's full of cream soda.

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