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CREATED: 2010, sometime
DEBUT: Faerieworlds 2011
STATUS: Under Remodel, expecting remodel completion in February 2012

The idea for Cobble came about initially when the planning for a trip to Faerieworlds 2010 was in the works. The concept the lot of us were working with was "steampunk airship pirate faeries", and I decided to work with this. I developed the concept of these sort of fake vacuum tube looking props involving blacklight LED and fluorescent paint.

From there, he was born as a dragonfly faerie. Unfortunately, the plans to go never came to fruition for various reasons.

Another concept would be retractable wings. In 2010, my girlfriend of the time - Denise - and I had gone to ren faire, and I had worn a pair of such wings from Leg Avenue, and realized a major problem with them: they had three positions. Particularly, out, back, and flopped over due to taking a crosswind. Besides this, the attachment fixtures - particularly, some ribbons - were far, far too short to get around my shoulders to be comfortable. Thus, the concept of a retractable set of wings was born - this would remove the problem of flop-over. The prototype came with its own problems, but it was nothing that can't be fixed with later incarnations.

With future versions, then, the following is coming about:

First appearance at Faerieworlds 2011

There were quite a number of comments I got on the wing prototype, and from what I gather, they were all good....

Replacement to unitard - tights over leotard

Replacement to unitard - tights under leotard

All considered, this is more comfortable. The leotard holds up the tights, and smooths the line accordingly. It's probably notable here that the tights are built with a woman's hips in mind - they kind of flare out a bit.

At Rainfurrest

Since this year's Rainfurrest was a camping theme, it seemed appropriate to have something thusly at con. This, then, is the complete costume, with my badges added.

Makeup test

Wing set

This set is pretty much a prototype for the purpose of costuming. Note the intended improvements above.

First "tube" prototype - never implemented

Pulley assembly. This one didn't work so well at the end of the day.

New wings.

Wiring harness for new wings. On this version the larger wings are tipped wiht red and green LEDs.

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