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Sorry for the slow replies, everyone; it's the start of a new
semester, so I'm scuttling.

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 4:04 PM, David McMillan <skyefire at skyefire.org> wrote:
> On 8/29/2010 11:08 PM, John Biles wrote:
>> That's right, here it comes, the final chapter.  Enjoy!
>        And what a long, strange trip it's been.

Amen to that!  We started in 1998, so it's been 12 years.

>>       But not for long, as he heard a bumping noise downstairs.  A burglar?
>>   He crept out of his room and down the hallway to the top of the
>> stairs.  What he saw was a trio of malformed dogs; one had two heads,
>> one had a face on the side of its torso and one had six legs.  They
>> were ripping up and eating a five-legged dear which was purple.
>        dear<>deer.

Got it.

>>       "I can do it if you don't want to," Misato said kindly to Kensuke.
>>       "No, it has to be me," Kensuke said.  "I'm sorry, everyone.  This is
>> the last time I'll ever see you.  But the truth must out.  Or everyone
>> is going to die."
>        If an illusion is so close to the real thing that it can realize it's
> an illusion, and decide to end itself in favor of the truth... is it
> still, in truth, an illusion?
When you can bend reality to your desires, the question of what is
real and what is illusion = way more complicated.

>        On a related note, *dang* but I like Kensuke in this story.  He didn't
> get much time on stage, but he never missed his Big Damn Hero cue when
> it came by.

Thanks!  And we got to kill him twice!  (Which he shared with Gendo) :)

>>Yui had used the power of the EVA units and
>> the Children according to a pre-determined plan.  The Ceremony of
>> Innocence had used the Dream King's power to fuse dreams and reality
>> to reshape the world into her vision of a perfect world.  The dead
>> walked again and all humanity's worst problems were solved with a
>> brilliant future ahead of them.
>        For a long time, COAEG just seemed to be further and further divergent
> from canon NGE.  But with this, it takes a BIG step back towards
> parallelism with canonicity.
>        ...er....

Heh.  We had this as one of our fundamental ideas from the start.

>>       Someone would have to stay behind to be its Soul, the master who
>> controlled it and guided its madness in constructive ways, restrained
>> its whims and kept it ready to protect mankind if new menaces arrived,
>> without it destroying mankind in a dream of death.
>        Oh, this is Not Good.
Not good at all.

>>       "I...," Misato began.
>>       "I will do it," Rei said.  "I was made for this battle; the normal
>> world has nothing for me, for I cannot be normal.  I am a hunter.
>> Best I remain to hunt humanity's enemies.  And atone for my sins."
>        Somebody needs to slap that girl with a Clue Bat.  She doesn't deserve
> this, no matter what she thinks.
Many Rei fans have threatened to kill and eat me even before this.

>>       "We can't leave you alone," Shinji said.  "We won't."
>>       "You must go and go quickly, or you will never be able to leave," Rei
>> said.  "I will be fine."  Her voice was brave, but it wobbled.
>>       "I don't want to stay in this freaky thing forever listening to it
>> gibber but there's no fucking way I'm leaving you here," Touji said.
>> "You deserve a normal life too."
>>       "For me, a normal life is only a dream," Rei said.
>>       The King in Yellow made an effort to wrap them in the Yellow Sign.
>> They squashed him without hardly noticing.
>        DBZ, here we come.  Really drives home just how far they've come by
> this point.
Heh.  Yeah.

>>       "Rei...I.." Asuka said.  Part of her hated Rei and part of her knew
>> she could have ended up doing the same thing.  She could feel the
>> hungers which raged inside her now.  She was chained by them again.
>> "I don't know if any of us can be normal."
>        This is one of those Stand Up And Cheer heroic moments -- no drama,
> just... plain, stubborn loyalty.
>        Although I notice Hikari doesn't say anything when the others do.
She does her part, later.

>>       "You have to try," Rei said.  "You will all become like me if you
>> stay.  I will take the fall.  Go, go while you still can."
>>       Misato touched her star to Rei's forehead.  There was a flash of
>> light.  "There," she said softly. "Give her a piece of yourself, each
>> of you.  So she won't have to be alone."
>        Dangit, Biles, you made me tear up here.
That's the idea.  Catharsis is necessary in something like this, the
release of pent-up emotions.

>>       Touji went next, wondering if life was ever going to stop being part
>> of weird shit.  "You're a good friend, Rei," he said lamely as he drew
>> a basketball crudely on her forehead.
>>       Hikari embraced her and touched their foreheads together.  "I've been
>> you," she said softly.  "Now you can try being me."
>>       Asuka hesitantly stepped up, staring at Rei's feet, then took Rei's
>> hands and squeezed them and touched them to her forehead and fire
>> ringed them.  "I wish it could have been like our dream," she said
>> softly, then let go.
>>       Shinji embraced Rei and kissed her on the lips.  She froze, then
>> turned red and he smiled a little and stepped back.  "We love you,
>> Rei," he said softly and she smiled weakly, then turned serious again.
>        And that's a victory.  Not beating the bad guys, or saving the world --
> just "we love you."  That's what won everything else.
>        It's a victory with a decidedly Phyrric aftertaste... but you take the
> wins you can get.

Perfect wins can be cool, but this story isn't about perfect wins.

This is, by the way, parallel to the 'EVERYONE YAY SHINJI' scene in
canon 26, except I think it works better due to proper build up.  But
that may be my general inability to follow 25/26 speaking.

>>       Sgt. Volkritter held his hand up as his men moved warily through the
>> ruins of NERV-Germany.  They could hear a woman, talking to someone.
>        Shouldn't that be Volkenritter?  Or are you not making a vague Nanhoa ref?

Nope, wasn't thinking of Nanoha.
>>       "We won," Misato said.  "This world now belongs to mankind."
>>       "So, basically, we're screwed," he said, clearly trying to make a
>> joke but also clearly exhausted.
>        Ah, gallows humor -- what *really* lets humanity survive these traumas.

>>       "If you can drive a giant robot, you can drive a car," Abadiah said.
>> "You turn sixteen here, you get to drive."
>        Doesn't that kind of common sense break some Trope Law of mecha shows?

>>       "You're good kids," Abadiah said.  "Your family doing well?"
>        They are good kids.  Nice to see that someone on the outside can
> recognize it.
>        Although... I have this odd feeling that I'm missing an in-joke with
> these four old men....
If you live in East Texas in a small to middling town, you know people
like this.  But they are not specific real or fictional people.

>>       They each put a hand out and stacked them, Misato's on the bottom.
>> Then Shinji said, "Until we meet again."  Then he took Asuka's hand
>> and they walked onto the boat and sailed out to sea.
>        Sailing into the West, to the elven lands...

We didn't think 'Tolkien' when we wrote this, but it is very
Tolkienian, I think.

>>       They never returned to human civilization, but one day, they all did
>> meet again.
>        Textbook Bittersweet Ending.  But as long as they were together
> again... I think they'll count it as being happy.  Happy enough, at least.


>>       "And flourished," Maya said.  "Unfortunately, this universe still
>> doesn't like us very much.  And humanity's struggling with the legacy
>> of the Children."
>>       "Go on?"
>>       "People have been seeing visions of them, and some are developing
>> powers," Maya said.  "Cults are arising again, and the stars are
>> moving unnaturally.  If we don't figure out some way to handle this,
>> we may well destroy ourselves."  She sighed.  "But that's always the
>> way with advances.  Humanity is about to take its next step in
>> evolution, I think, and we have to ensure it survives it without
>> self-destructing.  Not an invasion like last time; this time, we have
>> to fight and overcome what's inside us.   Our own darkness, made worse
>> by the legacy of Adam and the powers in this universe."  She sounded
>> rather worried about whether they'd win.
>        And the Wheel turns again.  Well, heck, Maya, they never promised us
> victory, just a fighting chance.
>        ...actually, they never promised us that, either, but the forged
> signatures on this document are good enough to stand up in any court.
> So we'll all just pretend they did.

Humanity is still ahead of the game, but when you cross one ridge, a
new horizon opens up before you.

>>       "I never had time for kids," Maya said.  "We can think about having
>> some after this crisis is over."
>>       "I didn't mean..."  Ritsuko's eyes crossed.
>>       "You're still fun to tease," Maya said, smiling.  "Anyway, follow me!"
>>       Ritsuko let Maya lead her on into the future.  There was work to do,
>> and Ritsuko needed that.
>        Yeah.  Again, happy enough.  It'll do.
>>       Good luck, Misato, Ritsuko thought.  Perhaps we'll meet again.
>        We can only hope.


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