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Hi. Another quick reply. ^_^

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 8:25 PM, Brian Randall <durandall at gmail.com> wrote:

> It is my understanding (and kind of what I went with in this story),
> that in cases specific to juvenile offenders/victims in Japan, they
> don't release the identities of those involved with those crimes until
> the case is closed.  In fact, even after victim identifications are
> disclosed, if the murderer is still alive, they are _never_ identified
> by name to the media.  I took a departure from the actual standard,
> where Kyon would be 'Boy A', Taniguchi would be 'Boy B' and used the
> first English letter of their names to make the story more accessible
> for Western audiences.
> Here's an example:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seito_Sakakibara
> However, unless I've just totally misunderstood (a real possibility),
> this is pretty much all the information that the public would have at
> the moment.  Then again, Haruhi and Yuki leave in the morning, and as
> is commented later, Yuki doesn't have a television for updated news.
> That all aside, if it's breaking the fiction or making your disbelief
> impossible to suspend, how else should it be handled?
> If I'm totally wrong, (thus making my 'student k' convention painfully
> contrived >.>), I think I can just have Haruhi not watch television
> that morning.  That would probably be more satisfactory.

Hmmm. From my understanding of the wikipedia article and the attached
resources at the bottom (and please do correct me if I'm wrong in
regards to this), the police hides the identity of the _juvenile
killer_, not the juvenile victim. Police tend to identify the victim
right away, and withhold the information on the killer if he's a
minor. With Seito Sakakibara, for example, when they found a
minor-aged _suspect_, that's when they claimed that he couldn't be
identified. In contrast, the special needs victim was identified right
away regardless of age.


"On June 28 a 14-year-old boy -- who turned 15 two weeks after
detention -- was arrested for the Hase killing as well as the two
March 15 assaults. The boy, who cannot be identified because of his
age, was apparently set on a violent path from the get go. He began
carrying cutting weapons while still in elementary school."

I hope I'm wrong, though, because this is a minor nitpick that doesn't
really affect the story much (although accuracy will be compromised if
I'm right and if you're going for accuracy). To be honest, I kind of
liked the idea of "Boy K". Maybe you can handwave it as an acceptable
break from reality? For example, the fanon convention of calling
Shampoo's mace "bonbori" or the Sailor Senshi within Sailor Moon's
inner circle as "Inner Senshi" are both erroneous ("bonbori" should
instead be "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C3%BAi", and "Inner
Senshi" was never mentioned on any canon materials), but it's still
used because of an author's license to alter stories for the sake of
fun. Hell, the zoom in technology is still being used and exaggerated
by Hollywood to this day.

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