[FFML] Fanfic Panel Added at ACen (Re: ACen Cuts Fanfic Panel)

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 11 22:41:42 PDT 2010

--- On Sun, 4/11/10, Joseph Palmer <jpalmer at josephpalmer.com> wrote:
> Could be worse - a couple of years
> back Fanime scheduled the Fanfic Panel 
> opposite a mandatory meeting for everyone (and their
> friends who tagged 
> along) who wanted to be in the Cosplay/Masquerade. Then
> they put the panel 
> in a room with 400+ seats and a 40 foot ceiling, across a
> hallway from the 
> blasting anime theaters.

I remember that one.

> Anyway, Over the years the actual content of the panels
> became a bit 
> repetitious, and as I get older, and the fans get younger,
> I was beginning 
> to feel out of place, or, more to the point, out of time.

Bah.  Just keep in mind that the younger fans don't remember
the older series, and make sure to keep current on the
present ones.  TTGL, not Robotech.  Naruto, not Dragonball
Z.  Pokemon remains, though.

> Besides, these 
> days I can't seem to put more than 140 characters into a
> tweet, let alone 
> produce a decent piece of fiction.

Nagato glared daggers.  This fool sought to compel the
Entity to bend reality to her whim.  Unfortunately, Lina
was the Ultimates' primary.

(With newline/carriage return sets replaced with spaces,
I count 139 characters.  And then there's abbreviations,
using 1 space instead of 2 between sentences, and other

Alternately, reserve a few characters at the end of a
tweet to note that it continues (use different tags for
"next tweet continues in same paragraph" or "next tweet
starts a new paragraph"), then string a bunch together
into a short story w/1-2 sentences per tweet.  Maybe
reserve the first 3-4 characters for tweet number
(e.g., "123:"), in case they arrive out of order.

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