[FFML] ACen Cuts Fanfic Panel

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Fri Apr 2 18:24:24 PDT 2010

The approved list includes:

Carpe DM: Game Mastery for Tabletop RPGs
Game Creation: How to Use RPG Maker 2003
neither of which seem especially connected to anime unless the games being discussed are specifically oriented towards anime, e.g. Big Eyes, Small Mouth.
Everyone In Your Party Has Died – Let’s Play Oregon Trail! [18+]
Zombie Survival 101

Like Jeanne, I don't understand the decision process of the organizers.

Curiously, another approved panel is:
How (Not) to Write a Lemon (+18)
which seems odd in light of no fanfic panel

On Apr 1, 2010, at 10:06 PM, Jeanne Hedge wrote:

> If this is an April fools, it's a sick one.
> In their infinite wisdom, Panel Programming at Anime Central has decided that they will NOT have a fanfic panel this year.
> http://www.acen.org/panelslist
> This is the first time ACen has not had a fanfic panel. The cut can't possibly (IMO) have anything to do with popularity - fanfic panel at ACen always fills the room and the entire timeslot. According to info on the above link, they had to cut things to make room for other things.
> What made the cut? One item that caught my eye is the panel about Chicago-area fandom. (at the 3rd largest con in the country? does AX have a panel about LA fandom?)  There are several others where I'm having difficulty finding the connection to anime.
> Does any other major con not have a general fanfic panel of some sort?
> Jeanne
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