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I'm coming close to the completion of Act Four of Fire in the Water. It has 
been a VERY long time in the making, and it is perhaps the single largest 
installment of the story to date.

It's still going to be about a week to ten days, by my estimate, until the 
first draft is finished. I have a ridiculously huge battle scene to write, 
and a couple of other bits that aren't quite fleshed out.

However, seeing as I am now very near completion of this particular 
installment, I thought it'd be a good time to post a teaser.

Acts 1-3 of Fire in the Water can be found at:


Please enjoy this teaser, and I hope to have the full draft posted soon.

* * * * * * *

"Damage report!"

"We've lost main power! Life support at critical levels! Defensive systems 
down to twenty percent!"

"They're breaking pursuit! Negative radar contact from enemy patrol!"

"Of course, they don't want to get too close to Cephiro yet. It's too 

"Eagle, we've got a real problem here!"


"We've broken through the defensive perimeter, but..."

"Critical damage to the hull! We're crumpling!"

"Guidance system failure! Helm's not responding!"

"We're gonna crash!"

"Divert all power to the defense screens on the launch bay! Everyone, head 
for FTO and GTO! It's our only chance!"

As night fell over the palace of Cephiro, the Autozam battleship NSX 
streaked down from the heavens, a bolt of fire in the deep purple-black 

* * * * * * *

Ranma's senses faded to fuzz for but a moment; sharp vision and hearing 
returned soon after his mind locked onto his surroundings.

He almost wished they hadn't.

In a small, rural village of low wooden and rough stone houses, people in 
shabby peasant clothes were running around screaming. Shots cracked like 
thunder; men in canvas breeches and jackets marched down a gravel-strewn 
lane, rifles held ready.

A child began to scream and cry as her mother stumbled and fell. Ranma's 
anger built as blood pooled beneath the fallen woman; one of the armed 
soldiers approached, examined her, then aimed his rifle at the child. "Your 
mother has died because she supports the false ideals of this world. You 
need not join her. Come with us, and we will--"

*Get the HELL away from her, you fuckin' bastard!* Ranma yelled. The 
soldiers snapped around, rifles at the ready...

"By the gods...a ghost?!"

"Don't be an idiot, it's an astral projection!" the apparent leader snapped. 
"One of the mages at the Palace is scrying us!"

"A scryer...of course. BEGONE, or there shall be more deaths, and they shall 
be on your head!"

Ranma growled, frustration at his helplessness building. "You hurt one more 
person, and I'll personally see to it every last one of you burns in hell."

"Only the oppressors of this world shall perish in flames!" the lead soldier 

The fallen woman suddenly rose to her knees, coughing blood. "Mama!" her 
child cried, dropping beside her, wrapping small arms around her neck.

The injured woman shuddered as she struggled to stand. "Run," she rasped. 
"Don't worry about me...just get away...be safe..."

"Mama, don't...no! I'm not gun' leave you!"

The woman stood, turning to face the soldier who had shot her. Her eyes 
burned with rage. "How could you..."

"You defied me," the armed man replied. "My will in this matter is absolute. 
The Marquis--"

"To hell with your Marquis!" the woman spat. "I..." She broke off, 
stumbling; she sank to her knees, coughing blood.

"MAMA!" the little girl screamed. She ran up to the soldier, beating on his 
leg with small fists. "PAPA, WHY? WHY PAPA?!"

*...Papa?* Ranma echoed, horrified. *You're...this child's father? And...you 

"She defied the will of the new ruler of this land!" the soldier declared 
hotly. "It is her own f--" His protests ceased abruptly as he clutched at 
his throat; his rifle fell to the gravel beside his dying wife. A strangled, 
raspy gurgle escaped him as he sank to his knees.

*You piece of SHIT!* Ranma roared. The soldier's eyes bulged in their 

"Papa?" the small child asked fearfully.

*Hurt anyone again...*

Suddenly, Ranma could no longer hear. The world before him faded to a fuzzy 
grey. After a moment, color and muted sound returned.

The soldier was seated beside his wife, who had now died. His rifle lay 
forgotten in the gravel; his daughter was screaming and wailing. The other 
soldiers looked confused and terrified; some of them staring white-faced in 
Ranma's direction.

A door burst open, and another wave of armed soldiers spilled out into the 
streets. A shot rang out, and the screaming child fell still.

Feeling sick, Ranma focused his will on returning to the palace. The scene 
before him faded away into ether...



Ranma 1/2 X Magic Knight Rayearth

written by Mythril Moth


Ranma 1/2 property of Takahashi Rumiko, Shogakukan, VIZ Communications.

Magic Knight Rayearth property of CLAMP, Kodansha, Media Blasters.

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