[FFML] [info/announce][part 1] Lurkerdrome.com discontinued...

The Eternal Lost Lurker lurkerdrome at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 2 07:37:12 PDT 2009

13 years ago, I created a throwaway Internet handle for myself, as a 
placeholder until I came up with something better.

It stuck.

For 13 years, everything I've done online, I've done as The Eternal Lost 

That era is now ended.

Effective at the end of this month, I am discontinuing the lurkerdrome.com 
domain, to reflect this change. My new website is online as of 9am CDT 
Wednesday, September 2.

The important content is still there. It's just been repackaged a bit.

The Lurkerdrome, Studio ELL, and Eternal Lost Lurker, as of now, have ceased 
to exist.

(Continued in next message...) 

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