[FFML] [Fusion][One-Shot]{Sailor Moon] MMSS - Waiting (chapter 2)

DB Sommer sommert at consolidated.net
Sat May 30 19:06:15 PDT 2009

While I will eventually get to C+C ing that, this caught my eye.

> 	I have to admit, my curiosity is piqued.  I'm still waiting to see if 
> the girls get any Zords, though. I still have occasional nightmares 
> about "Power Rangers: Construction Force."

% Or better yet, Master Vamp and the Florshiem organization from Sunred 
as their foes. They would fit in so well with any sentai parody simply 
because they already are. And, as one episode pointed out, they actually 
are powerful, it's just that Sunred was even more powerful than that.

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