[FFML] HOI 25 - One more thought

Krista Fisk kristaperry at comcast.net
Fri May 15 06:21:40 PDT 2009

> > Your thoughts?
>::shrugs:: I thought Nabiki meant it in a number of ways, actually;
>a) the sense that it's business, and business *is* what Nabiki does, 
>so yes, it is what she's got to do when she gets back;
>b) IIRC, Nabiki dropped everything, and I mean *everything*, to go 
>to find/rescue Akane and Ranma, so she actually does have nothing 
>else on and a new venture is necessary for her;
>c) when she chooses to be, Nabiki is a good friend, so symbolically 
>placing herself in the same boat as Ukyou, whom canon has shown is 
>gregarious by nature, is an act of friendship on her part.
>But perhaps Nabiki just means they've all got to build a new 
>beginning from this point on, and is including herself in the tally.

Couldn't have really put it better myself, actually.  Thanks!

And thanks, everyone who has responded so far.  I have to start 
driving kids to school in just a sec, but hopefully I'll have more 
internet access tomorrow and I'll be able to be more personal in my 
responses and appreciation.


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