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> The Latest and Greatest
> Forgotten Warriors
> Chapter 6: Ikari's Shadow / Soul Diving
> By: LD
> Disclaimer: See Part 1.
>        Asuka walked into a buzzing medlab, and she already knew the
> reason. Nothing stood in her way as she made her way to the bed where
> Shinji lay. Doctor Franklin was already looking him over, trying to get him
> to
> relax. Shinji however was panicking, Asuka could see the cold fear in his
> eyes as he tried to speak to the doctor but Stephen couldn't communicate
> with him.
>        “Someone get a translator in here now,” Franklin demanded. Asuka
> heard the language Shinji spoke and already knew she could speak with
> him.
>        Her eyes met his, and he immediately began to calm down. She was
> probably the only familiar face he knew. Asuka spoke to him before Franklin
> could say anything about it. “It's okay, he's a doctor,” Asuka said in
> Japanese.
>        Shinji nodded, “Are you alright? When I saw you you were...”
>        Asuka shook her head, “I'm sorry, I'm not the Asuka you know.”
>        Shinji didn't understand, “What do you mean? Asuka this isn't funny,
> where am I?”
>        Doctor Franklin broke in on the two, “You can talk with him?”
>        Asuka answered him, “Yes, he's speaking Japanese and I know that
> language. Never could read it though.”
>        Franklin nodded, “It will do for now, see if you can calm him down.
> I
> don't want to risk a sedative right now.”
>        Asuka was helpful in getting Shinji to cooperate. There were parts
> where the boy seemed to already know what was about to be asked. After
> he was satisfied that everything was alright with the boy he left the room.
> Franklin left to make his report, but not before telling Asuka to try and
> keep
> him calm.
>        Asuka stared at the boy intently, trying to figure out what to say
> to
> him. How was she going to tell him everything that had happened? What
> could she say that would make the pain her words would bring any less?
> Nothing really seemed appropriate, except for the truth.
>        “What did you mean you aren't the Asuka I know?” he asked.
>        Asuka sighed and sat down next to him in the chair she had grown too
> familiar with, “I don't even know where to begin.”
>        She noticed Shinji staring at her, looking her over, “You're alright
> though? I saw Unit Two torn apart, I was afraid you were dead. I should
> have tried harder to get to Unit One.”
>        Asuka shook her head, “I'm sorry, but she is dead.”
>        Shinji's widened in shock and guilt, but that didn't stop Asuka,
> “She
> died about two hundred years ago. She lived to the age of seventy-two and
> then passed away quietly in her sleep surrounded by family. Everything she
> had from when you knew her was already locked away in storage. We've
> been keeping it all safe ever since.”
>        If Shinji wasn't in shock before, he was getting close, “Two hundred
> years?” Asuka nodded, watching the boys reaction. She could see his
> hands begin to shake, followed by the rest of his body. “Touji, Kensuke,
> Hikari, everyone, all dead?” Asuka nodded again, but this time got up and
> sat next to him, placing her hand on his.
>        “I don't know why I look like her. She was my ancestor yet I've been
> seeing things in my mind as if I was her. Everything is strange right now,
> and it's only going to get harder now that you've woken up. We have things
> in our quarters you should see, perhaps there is something there that will
> help you through this. I wish I knew.”
>        Asuka saw the tears slide down his cheeks, and did the only thing
> that
> made sense to her. She pulled him into her arms and held him as he cried.
> So deep was his sorrow she could feel it herself and shed a tear with him
> in
> rememberence of the people he had left behind. Neither of them noticed the
> Vorlon turn and leave them together.
> --
>        “So what's his status Stephen?” Sheridan asked.
>        Franklin rubbed the bridge of his nose as he answered, “Physically
> he's alright, nothing I can find to hold him in Medlab. Ms. Soryu has been
> acting as translator for him until she can get his English at least up
> enough
> to speak for himself. Seems he only speaks Japanese which has made any
> communication difficult without her.”
>        Hague spoke up at this, “Almost as if something or someone planned
> it that way.”
>        “I couldn't tell you General. All I can say is that he is as fit for
> release
> from Medlab as he can be. The rest is going to take a lot of time and
> patience,” Franklin said.
>        Sheridan nodded, “Thank you Doctor. I think the best thing to do
> would
> be to release him into the Soryu's care for now. Do what you can for him
> Stephen.”
>        Franklin nodded and left Sheridan's office. Hague stood and watched
> the door the doctor had left through for a moment. “Are you certain that's
> a
> good idea John?”
>        Sheridan knew what the General was asking, “No, but from what Dr.
> Soryu has told us it makes the most sense. I'm more worried about this
> hearing before the council.”
>        Hague threw him a glance, “I thought you already had enough votes
> from the Council to prevent the Centauri from getting their hands on the
> two.”
>        “It's not that. Ambassador Mollari knows he can't win on a straight
> up
> and down vote. Even if Earth abstained on this the Minbari, Narn, and
> apparently the Vorlons now will vote against him. No, he's doing this for
> show. I've got a bad feeling about this,” Sheridan admitted to the General.
>        The General nodded, “And what about Bester?”
>        “He's been quiet, a little too quiet. He's doing just enough to be
> annoying but hasn't tried anything. That telepathic kick back must have
> rattled him.”
>        Hague nodded, “I have to report back to the Joint Chiefs and the
> President. I'll update them on the situation while you tend to the Council.
> Keep your eyes open for anything.”
>        “Have to around this place, but then again nothing is ever quiet
> what it
> seems,” Sheridan said as the General left the office.
> --
>        Asuka had left Shinji in Medlab to rest, trying to give him time to
> adjust to what he was going through. She wasn't sure if it was right to
> leave
> him there, but she needed time as well. Everything had happened so fast
> over such a short amount of time. Revelations into her families past had
> felt
> natural for a time. Now however it was all starting to set in, and she
> didn't
> know if she could handle it. The visions of a life not her own haunted her.
> The pain and loneliness these images made her feel. Asuka was having a
> hard time making sense of them all.
>        So as Shinji rested she sat staring at a stone garden. The waves in
> the sand meticulously cared for warping around each single stone. So
> engrossed in her thoughts she never noticed the black clad figure of Bester
> sit down next to her. The Psi-Cop sat there, patiently waiting as he
> listened
> to the thought noise she put out. He didn't have to be a telepath to know
> what she was thinking or who she was thinking about right now.
>        “You know, there are more ways to tell what a person is thinking
> then
> just being telepathic. It's in how they sit or stand, how they hold their
> hands, or the look in their eyes. Just by looking at that I can tell that
> you
> are very troubled without even touching your mind or listening to what ever
> thought noise you are putting off,” Bester said, trying to break the ice.
>        Asuka didn't know why but the thought of the image of herself being
> mind raped came to mind at the sound of Bester's voice. She shivered as
> she thought of it, turning to Bester and asking, “Can you see that
> thought?”
>        Bester took the question at it's face and looked at the image. As
> much
> as he flaunted his talents, even taking the liberties he would go after
> lower
> level telepaths, what he saw sickened him. He nodded as Asuka looked
> back at the stone garden, “I've got a thousand thoughts just like it
> running
> in my head right now. You're a Psi-Cop, what would you call that one?”
>        Bester choose his words carefully, “I'd call it telepathic rape,
> something I'd hunt a man down for and probably have a convenient accident
> with,” he admitted. After all, psi-cops were still human.
>        “Is that what a deep scan is like?”
>        “Similar, the further you dig the more damage you can do to someones
> mind. It's why we have strict rules about how telepaths act and use their
> abilities.”
>        Asuka nodded, “I suppose I should be grateful, I'm not the one that
> had to go through that. That was another girl with my face, my name. I
> don't
> understand though how those memories can be in my mind if I never lived
> them. They belong to a girl dead for two centuries. I just have her face,
> and
> now I'm trying to reach out to a boy that saw those nightmares. Hell, he
> suffered his own nightmares from that previous life. How can I even hope to
> understand him when I can't make sense out of my own head?”
>        Bester took in her words as she spoke. Her feelings were pouring out
> of her mind like a sieve, one thought after another. It was a sad truth
> that
> telepaths had to shield themselves from this thought noise if only just to
> stay sane. The voices were constant companions. Bester however picked
> up on something in those thoughts, “You feel you owe him something that
> this other Asuka couldn't do for him?”
>        Asuka didn't respond. Bester continued, “All I can say is that from
> what you've said you have come as close as any normal can to knowing
> what a telepath feels. We hear peoples thoughts as loudly as if they spoke
> them, and build up walls around our minds to filter them out. If we didn't
> we'd go mad. Mental illness is unfortunately a part of the deal. A lot of
> telepaths go insane during training just because they can't stand the
> voices
> always being present. Perhaps that's what makes us so mistrusted, the fact
> that we can't even control ourselves at times.”
>        Bester smiled, “But then again I don't think what you need to hear
> are
> the ramblings of an old Psi-Cop like me. The question becomes though,
> regardless of where these memories are coming from what do you do? Yes,
> they are thoughts from someone you never knew in your mind trying to find
> purchase. But you are still the same girl who only a few days ago was eager
> to see something that was strange and wonderfully scary. Who you are
> doesn't change because a few memories show up out of no where.”
>        Asuka let the words linger, playing them through her mind as her
> eyes
> traced the waves on the sand. Bester placed his gloved hand on her
> shoulder, “Regardless of what has happened, if the circumstances were
> more normal would you still be willing to help this boy? You already know
> the answer to that question. That answer is all you need to know.”
>        Bester stood and began to leave her to ponder his words. Before he
> left she sent one thought straight at him.
>        Thank you.
>        The waves in the stone garden continued to remain immutable and
> unchanging before Asuka's eyes until one of the stones was in place. She
> just wondered which she was, the steady wave or the stone that changed
> everything.
> --
>        Garibaldi had been keeping an eye on Bester the whole time in one
> way or the other. When he heard that little bastard was near Asuka he had
> immediately went to drag him away. As he was turning the corner he almost
> ran smack into the smug Psi-Cops face. Garibaldi could barely contain his
> loathing for the smaller man. Bester usually would simply smirk at the
> Chief
> but this time simply ignored him.
>        “You know I should lock you away for going near a minor without
> their
> parent or legal guardian available,” Garibaldi seethed.
>        “Perhaps you could, however I have not violated any laws governing
> telepaths or other people. I'm well within my legal authority to simply try
> to
> monitor anything that could be influenced by the Evangelion. Also, that
> girls
> mind has been flooded by thoughts and memories that aren't her own. A
> little telepathic assistance would benefit her. This way she's not the only
> one to have seen what's been put in her head. You'd be surprised how that
> sometimes puts people at easy Mr. Garibaldi,” Bester said.
> Garibaldi ground his teeth, “You still need written consent when it comes
> to
> a minor to even talk to them in any official capacity.”
> Bester turned and regarded Garibaldi for a moment. The look in Bester's
> eyes was something he hadn't had in the few times Micheal had dealt with
> him, “Do you ever have any children Mr. Garibaldi?” Bester asked, already
> knowing the answer.
> “No.”
> “I do. Any real father who saw that look on a child would have done the
> same. Even if it wasn't his own,” Bester said. He then turned and left
> Garibaldi in the corridor to chew on what had transpired.
> --
> Katharina stood before the behemoth, silently cursing men and women long
> dead as she watched various tech attempt to unlock Eva's secrets. She
> knew they would fail, hoped that no useful data would ever be taken from
> this monstrosity. The nightmare that would result from humanity getting
> it's
> hands on this power again terrified her. Not to mention if it was captured
> by
> the other races. She trusted no one with this power. No one at all.
> “Why couldn't you sleep for the rest of time and drift beyond the rim? Why
> did you have to come here? Was it him? Did you finally find it in yourself
> to
> give him a chance without your interference?”
> The old woman ran her fingers through her hair. Naturally her thoughts were
> followed by nothing but silence. The log entries, reports, and journals she
> had read from the NERV Project E Staff including Pilot Asuka Langley
> Soryu were all very clear about the danger this beast posed. No one would
> be safe should it loss control again as it was known to do. Or the worst
> possible scenarios, should one of the other races get their hands on this
> technology and the power it could bring. To say nothing about the
> atrocities
> that would be committed to feed this particular beast.
> Her bones ached with worry over what horrors this beast brought with it.
> She
> turned away, quickly leaving the cargo bay. She had already been notified
> by Captain Sheridan about arrangements for the boy. The covenant her
> family had been sworn to by destiny demanded she do no less then help the
> boy adjust. Though while she would do what she could for young Ikari, her
> thoughts couldn't help but drift to her granddaughter.
> It was selfish, but she was an old woman and allowed to worry about her
> grandchild above interplanetary relations and ghosts.
> --
> The Council chamber filled with mummers as the various ambassadors
> milled in. General Hague sat in the back watching the proceedings
> carefully,
> gaging the delegates as they took their seats. He knew the Narn and
> Centauri had been making the rounds, but he was interested in how they
> actually saw the situation. The general in him saw the entire situation
> from
> it's military and strategic aspect. The Evangelion and it's pilot were a
> major
> technological and military advantage for Earth. Allowing it to fall into
> the
> Centauri's hands while depriving Earth of it's technology was simply not an
> option. The fact that the council would not allow the Centauri to acquire
> either eased the older man's mind some. However he also knew that Earth
> could not be allowed to gain this technology.
> The President was growing more and more paranoid by the day. Knight
> Watch, Ministry of Peace, and the Psi-Corp presented very real domestic
> threats to the Alliance. Allowing Clark's people to potentially get their
> hands on some technology they could abuse to their purposes was just as
> dire a problem as allowing a foreign government the same technological
> advantage. Something would have to be done in order to neutralize the
> threat.
> Ikari was just a boy, and yet he had presented one of the greatest threats
> to
> the Earth Alliances security and survival since the Earth-Minbari War. The
> irony of it being that every bit of information they had found pointed to
> him
> having been put in this position to protect Earth. The universe had a funny
> way of rewarding someone who made such a sacrifice.
> He couldn't stop himself from imagining the reluctant warrior's battles,
> his
> struggles with what he was responsible for at an age where he was also
> defining himself. Adolescence was hard enough, but when one was tasked
> with protecting Earth at an age many years before he could volunteer for
> what would become Earth Force military service. What was his life under
> his commander? Prior to serving in this position of combat, did he have a
> good life? They still hadn't translated any of the personnel files Dr.
> Soryu
> had provided. And even then Hague didn't expect any usable data save for
> a service record.
> While he wasn't thrilled with the Minbari involvement with those files he
> didn't see any problems. Most of the information within those files more
> then likely would come out in these very proceedings. It would hopefully be
> minimal information, nothing anyone could use against them on either side
> of their precarious perch. Sheridan could handle the council, and most of
> the deep diving into the past could be handled by his people. It was the
> two
> children that held Hague's concern.
> Bester sniffing around didn't make him comfortable, but he was disciplined
> enough to keep his surface thoughts in check. Without a deep scan he
> couldn't be found out, and anyone would be able to notice such a thing.
> Something was protecting the boys mind according to Dr. Franklin,
> something not entirely human and yet not an aggressive entity. For now it
> wasn't an issue. The girl however would be.
> The Minbari attache Lennier walked up to him and bowed, he presented the
> General a file and said, “Captain Sheridan asked me to give you this as he
> is indisposed with the proceedings and Commander Ivannova is in C&C.”
> Hague opened the file and asked, “What am I looking at?”
> “This is the translated personnel file on Mr. Ikari. Captain Sheridan just
> received the translations from the native Japanese and requested you be
> given a copy to look over while he was involved with Ambassador Mollari
> and the Council's requested meeting.”
> Politely Hague said, “Thank you Mr Lennier.”
> The Minbari once again gave Hague a small bow and moved off to his
> position next to Ambassador Delenn. He had to admit that as an ally the
> Minbari ambassador was an asset. There was  certainly some mutual
> respect between the Captain and most of the ambassadors.
> Hague sat back and read of the file Lennier presented him. Perhaps it would
> give him some insight into the Child Warrior they found themselves with.
> --
> Sheridan had convened the session calmly as he could. He was outwardly
> calm and confident as usual. He showed no indication of any worries or
> weakness. Inside however he was cautious. Simply because the outcome
> of these proceedings were pretty much a foregone conclusion was no
> reason to drop his guard. He couldn't help but keep his eyes opened looking
> for any subterfuge on the part of anybody at this point. Only his people
> were
> completely trustworthy. Even then they were only human.
> The Captain continued to go over Ikari's personal file. The service record
> was very impressive for someone his age ad no formal military training. A
> few disciplinary marks were on the file, which after reading left him
> wondering why they had come up. After all, this was a child they were
> talking about. It seemed callous to expect him to act the role of seasoned
> combat veteran so soon. Tough break for the kid and his fellows.
> Still, to have faced down such a situation at such an age deserved a level
> of respect from Sheridan. He looked up as the meeting began. He still
> couldn't figure out what Londo was playing at. The ambassador was making
> a strong argument towards having the kid taken back to Centauri Prime for
> trial. No one in the council was believing it be anything but a farce if
> that
> happened.
> “What are you playing at, Londo?” Sheridan thought to himself. He looked at
> Kosh out of the corner of his eye. He hated it when things were hidden
> under layers of dust and deceit.
> While the fate of the young man was being debated, Asuka was leading
> Shinji into the quarters she shared with her mother. The young woman had
> already arranged some of the items her grandmother had sent along. When
> they entered her quarters Shinji simply took off his shoes and set them at
> the side of the door. Asuka was curious for a moment, but then shook her
> head. Something in her head was telling her that that was a habit borne of
> tradition.
> She sat him down and went to the Babcom to order some dinner. When it
> was done she turned and joined Shinji in the living area. She made sure to
> remember to speak in Japanese for him as she asked, “So, what do you
> want to ask?”
> “Where exactly are we?” Shinji asked.
> Asuka smiled, a simple question first, “We are on Babylon 5. It's a space
> station run by Earth. I suppose you could also say we're in orbit of
> Epsilon
> Three, the third planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system. It's a three
> day
> jump back to Earth through hyperspace.”
> Shinji shook his head, “We're in space?”
> “Yup.”
> “That's just...”
> “I know, pretty freaky when it was just science fiction a couple centuries
> ago,” Asuka said.
> Shinji just shook his head, “Is Earth still there?”
> Asuka handed him a drink and sat down, “Yup, Earth is still where you left
> it. I haven't been on world for a couple of years though. Earthgov keeps
> things pretty nice, of course there are some issues with the planetary
> governments at times.”
> Shinji was a bit confused, “Earthgov?”
> Asuka smiled, “Think of it like the United Nations. The UN was dissolved
> and the Earth Alliance setup near the end of the twenty-first century. We
> left
> Earth and colonized Mars first. People wanted to go out further so over
> time
> we sent out ships with people in cold sleep.”
> “That seems like a long time to get here. Why go through all that trouble?”
> Shinji asked.
> Asuka smirked, “A little over a hundred years ago we made first contact
> with the Centauri Republic. We got Jumpgate and Jumdrive technology from
> them. I don't understand all the astrophysics behind it, but for all
> intents
> and purposes distances in Hyperspace are shorter then in Normal space. A
> trip from here to Earth would be three days by hyperspace, where in normal
> space it would take hundreds of years.”
> “I... think I understand,” Shinji said, sounding more then a little
> confused.
> Asuka chuckled, “Don't worry, a lot of people who grew up with this stuff
> don't understand it. It just is.”
> The door chimed breaking up their conversation. Asuka went and checked
> the door screen, seeing it was just the delivery man. She opened the door,
> paid him his credits, and then brought it in. She had ordered a pizza from
> the Zocolo, nothing special and brought out two plates for her and Shinji.
> They sat there eating in a companionable silence. Asuka asked,
> “Grandmother brought a lot of things from Earth with her. I think a few of
> them are yours.”
> Shinji looked up at that, “How would your grandmother have anything of
> mine?”
> “Apparently our ancestor packed up everything from Tokyo-3 and put it in
> storage. It's been in the family ever since. In fact...” Asuka left the
> table
> and went to one of the storage closets. She opened it up and dragged out a
> familiar if dusty cello case.
> “I am guessing this is yours,” Asuka said.
> Shinji took the case and looked it over. The embossed initials, SI, still
> visible. He opened the case and inspected the carefully preserved
> instrument, confirming that it was in fact his. “I'm surprised she kept any
> of
> it.”
> “Why don't you play a few chords, see if it needs anything. Strings should
> only be a few credits if you need them,” Asuka recommended.
> Shinji blushed lightly as he set the cello against his shoulder and sat
> down,
> “I'm not very good.”
> Asuka just smiled encouragingly, “Humor me. Just play, nothing specific.”
> Shinji sighed and couldn't help but smile back. He did as she requested,
> and closed his eyes as he drew the bow across the strings. The sounds and
> tones carried through the Soryu quarters drew the young girl in. There was
> nothing completely recognizable about the piece, but she could feel his
> sorrow and pain through the music. It was so horrifically beautiful she
> couldn't restrain the tears from slipping from her eyes.
> When Shinji finished she felt her hands clap on their own. “For someone
> whose not very good, you play wonderfully.”
> The unfamiliar praise from a face he had never known to be anything but
> scornful caused him to blush even more. “Thank you.”
> Asuka brightened up a little bit with an idea, “Come on, pack up your cello
> and follow me.”
> “Where are we going?” Shinji asked.
> “The garden.”
> “He knows this is a lost cause. I can tell. He's doing this because his
> government says so. Still, he had to have told them the situation. So why
> are they doing this?” Sheridan thought to himself as Londo made his case.
> He still couldn't come up with any reason for it though.
> “The boy in question single handedly destroyed one of our warships, in
> Centauri space on routine patrol. Such an act cannot go unpunished. As the
> original attack occurred within our borders, it is only fair and right that
> he
> be remanded to our custody for trial, to answer for the deaths of our
> people
> he caused,” Londo said, his voice brimming with bravado he didn't feel.
> “Also, the female human is obviously an accomplice to the boy. As such
> she faces charges as well before the Centaurum. Extradition of suspected
> criminals is allowed under our treaties with Earth and by consent of this
> council,” Londo said.
> Before anyone could speak Kosh simply said, “First strike.”
> Londo barely paused, “The boy failed to respond to hails in both Centauri
> and Interlac. Fighters were dispatched to intercept the Evangelion.”
> “But, by your own governments admission and the sensor log data your
> fighters fired first. With no confirmation of hostility or intent your
> people
> attacked. Why would your people do that when there was no threat being
> made?” Delenn mentioned.
> “We are in the middle of hostilities with the Narn. Sector 1138 lays upon
> our
> border with the Narn. It was perfectly reasonable to assume the object was
> hostile when it crossed into our space,” Londo said. Sheridan had to give
> him credit, his reasoning was perfectly logical.
> G'Kar stood up and demanded, “You lost one Warship, while my people lost
> several. Why should the Centauri be given preference over our losses?”
> “We were the first harmed by the boy and his monstrosity. It only makes
> sense we get first right to try him,” Londo said.
> Kosh stepped forward, “Ghosts of past wars, cannot stand on the
> battlefield.”
> Londo was understandably confused, as were many in the council chamber.
> Sheridan smirked, “I think what Ambassador Kosh is saying is that you
> can't confirm he was even in there when the attacks occur. For all we know,
> your attack activated an automated defense system.”
> Londo looked stumped for a moment. Sheridan decided to take pity on the
> ambassador, “I'm releasing all information related to the case for all
> Ambassadors to evaluate. This includes copies of several files that we just
> received from Earth and are translating. We'll reconvene here tomorrow, and
> see if we can't resolve this.”
> Londo just turned and left the council room, Vir shrugging and heading off
> in
> his wake. The rest of the ambassadors and their assistants left shortly
> after. As they did General Hague approached the Captain, “Putting all your
> cards on the table?”
> “Seems best, get everything out in the open so it can do the most good.
> With that, no one will be able to make a play for the Evangelion without
> the
> others getting defensive. Same goes for us,” Sheridan said.
> “You are playing a dangerous game, John. I just hope you have one hell of
> a poker face,” Hague responded. He left the council chambers, leaving
> Sheridan and Kosh alone.
> John turned to the enigmatic ambassador and said, “Time to put some
> ghosts to rest.”
> Kosh merely nodded and returned to his quarters.
> Garibaldi sighed as he made his rounds through the station. All the
> ambassadors were safely packed away in their quarters looking over the
> stuff the Captain gave them. Down-below was quiet for the most part. And
> except for a couple of warships hanging around outside the station no one
> was expected through the gate for a few hours. All in all everything was
> very peaceful. So he was ready for the worst.
> He was walking throw the passenger terminal when he saw a familiar
> Minbari coming through customs. He shook his head and met her as she
> walked towards the rest of the station. He didn't mind seeing this Minbari,
> just wished she had given him fair warning, “Shaal Mayan, what a pleasant
> surprise. If I had known you were coming I would have arranged for
> security.”
> Mayan simply smiled at him, “I know, and I am honored for your concern for
> my safety, Mr. Garibaldi.”
> Micheal just smiled, “You got attacked on my watch, I'm not wanting to let
> that happen again.”
> “With everything going on I doubt you have to worry about me,” the Minbari
> poet said.
> “Exactly, it's not exactly the safest time to be around here,” Garibaldi
> said
> as he walked her to pick up her bags.
> “Which makes this a time when someone like myself is most needed. If
> only to provide hope for the many caught here,” Shaal Mayan said, a small
> smile on her face.
> Garibaldi's link interrupted their conversation, “Garibaldi, go.”
> Zack's voice came over the link, “Chief, I got something going on down in
> the garden. Nothing serious but you might want to come take a look.”
> “What's going on?”
> “Looks like Shinji's putting on an impromptu performance. He's got a bit of
> a
> crowd gathering but nothing out of control just yet,” Zack said.
> Garibaldi thought on it for a second, then asked, “What's he doing?”
> “Playing a cello. Nothing I recognize but I'm not a fan,” Zack said.
> “Alright, I'll check it out. Garibaldi out,” he said then signed off his
> link.
> He looked at Mayan and said, “You know, you might be interested in this.”
> When the pair arrived at the Garden it was to a deep mournful sound. Many
> people seemed to have taken up seats or were standing near the walls
> listening to the music produced from the deep polished wood of Shinji's
> cello. Garibaldi had to admit, he didn't know much about this kind of music
> but the kid was good. He spotted Zack on one side of the group, and
> nodded when he caught his subordinates eye. He kept any eye on the
> crowd, looking for anything dangerous. He spotted Bester a ways away, and
> his skin crawled as the Psi-Cop looked his way and did that wave of his.
> Mayan simply closed her eyes, letting the music flow through her. When it
> was complete she found herself wiping away a single tear, “He is most
> skilled. I have rarely encountered someone so capable of conveying such a
> complete view of their own soul.”
> Micheal took it for what he could, “I'm not much of a music buff myself.”
> Mayan smiled, “For a true master, one doesn't have to have an
> appreciation, but simply ears with which to listen. With time he could
> easily
> become such.”
> “I'll take your word for it. Right now my priority is keeping him and his
> red
> haired friend safe. He's part of the reason for all the fuss around here
> lately.”
> Mayan paused for a moment, “Then perhaps I truly have come to he right
> place, at the right time.”
> Garibaldi just shook his head and excused himself. Sometimes he really
> didn't get the Minbari, but he didn't mind them so much. The Psi-Cop
> however was a different story. He walked over toward Bester and glared at
> him before saying, “I suppose you are just enjoying the performance?”
> Bester smirked, “I happen to have an appreciation for art. Is that such a
> surprise, Mr. Garibaldi?”
> “Yea, you and everyone else I run into today.”
> Bester chuckled, “Something interesting I find about this boy. He's not
> putting off any thought noise.”
> Garibaldi decided to forgo his indignation and asked, “So?”
> Bester looked thoughtful for a moment, “There is a theory running around
> the corp. Everyone, normal and teep, is set up when they are born to
> transmit their thoughts to the world. Most normals don't make much of a
> distinction when it comes to their thoughts, they think being able to hear
> any thoughts is a scan. For all intents and purposes neither does the corp.
> However, it's like talking in an apartment with thin walls, and being
> offended
> when your neighbor hears you screaming in the other room.
> “Telepaths build up walls to block out as much of this casual noise as
> possible, mostly for our own sanity. Now, while we can block out most of
> the noise, and while everyone can learn techniques to  keep casual scans
> out it is never completely quiet.”
> “So?”
> Bester smirked, “A few members of the corp started talking about the
> possibility of someone who has no transmission capabilities. A sort of
> perfect block. Even a P-twelve wouldn't be able to break through because in
> effect there is nothing there.”
> Garibaldi was confused, “You're saying he doesn't have a mind to read?”
> Bester shook his head, “More along the lines of his mind working on a
> completely incompatible frequency to everyone else's. A few scientist I
> know actually think that everyone in someway has telepathic perception of
> some kind. Nothing like what a member of the corp is, but that little bit
> of
> perception that lets you know someone is watching you. If they are to be
> believed, then it would be something we'd never notice, but be completely
> used to.”
> Micheal was starting to get annoyed, more so then usual, “Your point?”
> Bester just graced him with that condescending smile, “My point is simple,
> Mr. Garibaldi. If you don't have that psychic connection to the rest of the
> world, then how do you think the world would seem? Think about it.”
> Bester pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on and with a wave
> was gone.  Micheal just turned and watched the pair as Shinji finished up
> whatever it was he was playing. As he boy started playing another piece
> Micheal couldn't recognize he remembered Mayan and got a crazy idea in
> his head.
> He tapped his link and said, “Garibaldi to Ambassador Delenn, an old friend
> of yours is down in the garden.”
> To Be Continued...
> Authors Notes: Still working on it, and bringing in another Character which
> might be interesting over time. If you haven't watched Babylon 5, then
> shame on all of you. I hope this was worth the wait. Also, Isamu is no
> longer helping with this story, mostly because he's vanished into the
> either.
> Prereading done by Datdude. You know, dat one... dat dude right over there!
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