[FFML] Fic archiving and FF.net

Craig fanfic at magister.net.au
Fri May 8 11:38:22 PDT 2009

I intended to reply to all of this, but nobody has ever changed their 
opinion because of an argument, and it is plain we have irreconcilable 
viewpoints on this matter..  However, to answer one question:

On Fri, 8 May 2009, Kalle Blomster <kalle.blomster at gmail.com> wrote:


> Craig wrote:
> > Unfortunately?  Hmm; there I must disagree.  Protection of an author's
> > creative endeavours and respect for their wishes must, in any final
> > analysis, be paramount.  We need to remember that fanfic _isn't_ (and IMO
> > should _never_ be) a *right*; it should always be considered a
> > *privilege*, subject to the continuing good will and acceptance of the
> > original creator.

> please tell me you are trolling and don't actually believe in this, it's
> actually hard to tell if you're being sarcastic or not

As an author intending publication, I assure you I couldn't have been more 
serious.  However, as I said, it is pointless our arguing the matter: we 
shall never agree.


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