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Sorry about the format, this is better (And I'll do up the HTML
later today).

It's been just a little over 4 years since I've updated this
story, I've I had the first few bits of this chapter done
for ages then I just kind of lost momentum. I'd go back and
stare at it every month or so, and move a few words arround,
but I just couldn't get up a real steam.

I'm really much happier doing short stories, I think. If I'm
going to put this much work into fiction I'm thinking I
should go original. I'm finishing this because I made a
promise to Nabiki.
--------------and I'm glad you kept it, Joseph.  Nice to see
you writing!


     "Are you two going to let me in on the joke?"
    >>> Akane and Markio^ looked at each other, blushed, then burst

>>  Mariko snorted, "Oh come on. Your sister surly^ knows you
Nabiki CAN be surly at times! ^_^)

>>>kiss your fianc‚, ^right? That's not news. And it doesn't
                     formatting error here, I think.  Turning HTML
 into plain text often messes up accent marks.

     Souichi was pulled off balance, and they tipped toward the
front of the elevator. They were too busy kissing each other
to notice that he'd bumped the halt switch, and the elevator
had begun to move.

So, I guess we have to wait to see who gets to see Nabiki and Souichi when 
the elevator door opens.
Mariko or Kasumi and Nodoka.  Either way, it's going to be interesting.  But 
it is about time Nabiki got
out of the elevator.  How many years has she been in there?  Of course, I 
shouldn't be talking about delays.

But thank you for adding to Yellow!


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