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Sorry about the format, this is better (And I'll do up the HTML 
later today).

It's been just a little over 4 years since I've updated this
story, I've I had the first few bits of this chapter done
for ages then I just kind of lost momentum. I'd go back and
stare at it every month or so, and move a few words arround,
but I just couldn't get up a real steam.

I'm really much happier doing short stories, I think. If I'm
going to put this much work into fiction I'm thinking I
should go original. I'm finishing this because I made a
promise to Nabiki.

Anyway, the first 12 chapters of Yellow can be found on my
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By Joseph Palmer

Chapter 13

     "Are you two going to let me in on the joke?"
     Akane and Markio looked at each other, blushed, then burst
into giggles again.
     "Sorry, Ranma," Akane put her hand on Ranma's shoulder.
"But It's kind of ah... a girl thing"
     "Mmmm," Mariko nodded.  "Girl thing. Well, some girls."
     Ranma batted her eyes at Mariko and made a show of
crossing her arms under her ample chest. "Aww, you can tell
wittle ol' me!"
     Mariko stared for a moment, then turned to Akane. "He has
a point."
     Akane shook her head firmly. "He has two right now, but
_he_ is still a _boy._"
     "Ummm... thanks." Ranma turned and walked toward the
doorway. "I'm heading back to the room," she called over her
shoulder. She opened the door, then paused and held it.
"Com'on, let's go."

     Nabiki guided him closer with her fingertips.



     Souichi's cheek felt soft and warm against her palm.



     Souichi's lips felt cool, and a little wet.



     Nabiki felt her insides tremble, and then it was over. She
opened her eyes, but the trembling continued. Standing in
front of her was a boy he hardly knew, a boy she'd only met
just that morning.
     She let her hand slip from his face, her fingertips
lingering for a moment on his lips. She abruptly turned her
back on him and stared at the halt switch on the control
panel. "That," she said after a time, "was my first kiss.
You've taken my first kiss."

     "Would you like some tea?" Kasumi opened the cabinet next
to the television and began pulling out cups.
     "Thank you, I'd love some." Nodoka pulled a brush though
her hair. "Oh, while you're there, could you pass the TV
     "Hai!" Kasumi added the remote to a small tray along with
two teacups and placed it on the table. She returned to her
search of the cabinet. "That's odd, there's a teapot, but no
     Nodoka pointed the remote at a small sign inside of the
cabinet door. "What does that say?"
     "Oh. 'Tea and ice are available in the vending rooms on
each floor'."
     "Let's go for a little walk, then."

     Nabiki tipped her head against the wall, then slid it
forward until her forehead thumped against the cool metal of
the control panel.
     "Nabiki -- I'm sorry." Souichi reached his hands out to
grasp her shoulders, but stopped before touching her. "It
was my first kiss too."
     "It..." Nabiki took a deep breath, then let it out slowly.
"It wasn't... ummm... bad, you know." She choked a little,
sniffled, then sighed.
     She turned to him and saw that he was reaching out to her.
She wrapped her arms under his and fell against him,
pressing her face into his shoulder. "Really -- not bad at
all." she whispered.
     He rubbed her back gently, and felt her tears on his neck.
He thought for a moment that girls are terribly confusing.

     When they came to a corner in the corridor, Akane stepped
to the side and pulled off a sandal. "Give me a second..."
She said, and tapped it on a ash can to dislodge a pebble.
     Mariko stopped next to her, but Ranma walked on. Akane
waited till he was out of ear shot.
     "Ummm, listen. about earlier... It's just that if Nabiki
were to find out, she'll either make our lives miserable, or
extort our meager allowances for months." She dropped the
sandal to the floor and stepped into it.
     They began walking after Ranma.
     Mariko snorted, "Oh come on. Your sister surly knows you
kiss your fianc‚, right? That's not news. And it doesn't
seem like your parents disapprove."
     Akane laughed. "Oh no no, they approve all too much,
really. Too, too much."
     "So... why all this subterfuge?"
     "It's the first time that -- how can I say this
delicately? This was the first time Ranma wasn't in boy
     Mariko waved her hand dismissively. "Feh. It was just
     Akane blushed to deep red. "There was somewhat more than
just kissing," she whispered.
     "Oh," Mariko gulped. "When s-he was in girl mode?"
     "Wrong! Akane exclaimed. "He was in Boy Mode at the time."
She touched her fingers to her lips. At least most of the
time, she thought to herself.
     "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?," Mariko hummed. "Last year there was
this boy that I liked. We even kissed a few times, but we
broke up before we got to touching privileges."
     "Touching... privileges?" Akane pulled nervously at the
empty sleeve of her yukata. "I've never thought about it
that way before." She found the idea intriguing and exciting
and naughty all at the same time.
     They walked together in awkward silence until the caught
up with Ranma, who was waiting at the stairwell.

     "Here it is," Nodoka said, pulling open the door to the
vending room.
     Kasumi followed her in, put the pot under the spigot in
the machine, and pushed the button for hot tea. The machine
made a loud burping noise then dribbled a few drops of tepid
     "I think it's broken," Kasumi said. She pushed the button
again, and the machine hissed angerly, gurgled then produced
another drop.
     "There's got to be machines on other floors,"  Nodoka
said. "One of them should work."

     Ranma turned and took a couple of steps up the stairs.
"Are you coming?"
     "Ummm, I'm on six," Mariko said. "I think I'm going to use
that." she pointed across the hall to the elevator. "I guess
it's goodbye then, I'm leaving in the morning."
     "We're going home too." Akane smiled, "It was really a
pleasure to meet you."
     "Likewise. It was..." she eyed Ranma, "...a real
     Ranma came back down the stairs. "Yeah, thanks, I
     "Oh, this was nothing," Akane laughed. "The curse thing
happens all the time, so I hardly even notice it anymore.
But is the first vacation where nothing got broken."
     Ranma looked perplexed. "Yeah, unless you count the bumps
on Souichi's head. Oh, tell him goodbye for me, and to
forget about the redhead."
     Akane possessively wrapped her arm around Ranma's waist.
"Yeah, forget about him, he's taken."
     Mariko stared at Ranma's hair. "He -- and you?" She began
laughing. "Oh, I am SO going to tease him. Anyway, you're
forgetting there was one burst yellow bikini, that was
Nabiki's doing. And I did one flat parfait spoon, and one
broken sprinkler controller thingy."
     "So, the sprinklers..." Akane began.
     "...were you?" Ranma finished.
     Just then three hotel gardeners rushed down the stairs.
"How long have they been running? one called to the others.
     "About an hour or so. We can't figure out how to get them
to stop."
     "Aw, Crap. And I'd just got home and had to turn right
around," said the third.
     Mariko covered her mouth. "Ooops."

     They held tight to each other, gently rocking against each
other, eyes closed, drinking in the sensations.
     Souichi was intoxicated by her softness against his chest,
and taste of the sweetness of her breath.
     Nabiki could hear his heart beating, and could feel his
body heat though his shirt. He smelled so good she felt
     After a while he pressed his lips to her forehead in a
silent kiss. She nuzzled against him, and he leaned down to
kissed her eyebrows. She tilted her head up, and he kissed
the bridge of her nose. Another nuzzle, and he kissed the
tip of her nose. Her breath came quicker, and her heart
began to pound.
     When she could hold back no longer she moved to kiss him,
and their lips met passionately. There was warmth, and
motion, and the indescribably human pleasure of touching
lips with someone.
     Souichi held his breath. Breathing was over-rated, anyway.
     Nabiki felt her knees begin to shake. It was as if she
was holding to something inside with all her might, but with
each heartbeat she was slipping. Souichi hugged her tighter,
and a moment later, that something just slipped free.

     Ranma sighed. "Aw, well, If it hadn't have been you, it
would have been my dad, or Nabiki, or her dad. Something
like this always happens. Don't worry about it. Mata, ne"
     Akane nodded. "We're used to it. Still, it was fun. Bai
Bai!" She turned to Ranma. "Ready?" she asked.
     "Ready!" He took her hand and they raced up the stairs,
and at the top they turned to wave one last time to Mariko.
     Mariko gave a little bow. "Mmmm! Bai!" she called, but she
could hear that they were already halfway up the next
     She shook her head, turned and reached to press the 'UP'

     "Which way?" Kasumi asked.
     "Fifty-fifty chance," Nodoka replied. "You choose."
     "Okay, then I choose..." Kasumi reached to press the
'Down' button.

     Nabiki felt weightless, floating. Whatever she had been
holding inside had been holding her back. She squeezed
Souichi tightly, then her knees buckled.
     Souichi was pulled off balance, and they tipped toward the
front of the elevator. They were too busy kissing each other
to notice that he'd bumped the halt switch, and the elevator
had begun to move.

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