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Hell man if you need any nitpicky Gun Nut info just ask.? Heck, it is what I do for a living.


Outlaw 1

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And because I've realized people are going to bitch no matter WHAT I do,
I've stripped the guns the two yakuza chicks are carrying of any identifying
marker beyond "submachine pistol".

So, congrats to any and all anal-retentive nitpicking gun nuts on the
FFML...you've pre-emptively won this round. :P

But this is the LAST concession I'm making to anal-retentive nitpicking. 
I've taken enough abuse from nitpickers going after me for the most inane 
things. From this point on, nitpickers who don't have a grievance that could 
actually impact the *STORY* can cheerfully go fuck themselves. ^_^

The Eternal Lost Lurker

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