[FFML] Has this Ranma plot ever been written?

Ignacio Moreno kinai2k7 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 01:13:02 PST 2009

I think that there was a Ranma/Love Hina crossover with a plot very similar.
Except that instead of Ranma couldn't afford an apartment he inherit, or
something, the Love Hina complex.

On the other hand it is very difficult today to have a full original plot.
Likelihood anyone did it in anywhere.


2009/2/28 Ray Gatski <darkpikachu99 at yahoo.com>

> Just curious, has anyone ever written a Ranma fic where Ranma can't afford
> an apartment and is forced to move into a girls-only dormatory and ends up
> falling in love with his roommate/neighbor (either a girl from another
> series or a new character) and the girl is unaware of Ranma's curse?
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