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It was over.

For nearly three years, Colonel Robert Hogan had masterminded an  
intelligence operation so ingenious in its sheer audacity that the  
German army had completely missed it.

An entire sabotage and intelligence operation run by Prisoners in  
Germany's own army camp. Hogan had been told that his men were all  
going to be promoted and there was a general's star for himself on the  

Now, it was over. Hitler was dead and there was no more need for  
Stalag Thirteen. Even as Allied Troops, his own men among them,  
ransacked the camp, searching for anything else they could use, Hogan  
leaned against the main gate post.

Three years.

He hated to admit it, but he would miss the camp. Especially matching  
wits with Colonel Klink, who, until just that morning, had been the  
commandant of Stalag Thirteen and Hogan's favorite pastime. He had  
enjoyed matching wits with Klink. Not that it was hard, Klink could  
have been outwitted by a small child, but it was fun.

In way, he liked Klink. Klink was honorable, forthright and his word  
meant something. Now, he watched as across the yard, Klink was led  
from the building in cuffs and escorted to a jeep. As the jeep started  
up and made its way to the gate, Hogan saw Klink spy him and ask the  
driver to stop.

The driver ignored him, so Hogan held up his hand as the jeep  
approached the gate. Obediently, the driver stopped.

"Yes, sir?" The driver asked.

Hogan ignored him and walked over to Klink. "Yes, sir?"

"Hogan, there are things about your time here. I suspect that the less  
I know about the truth behind these events, the better." Hogan didn't  
change expression. "But," Klink continued, "there is one thing I must  
know, Hogan. Just one thing."


"Tell me, Hogan. Who was the prisoner . . . and who was the jailer?"

Hogan looked Klink right in the eyes. "You were, sir, the entire time."

"Thank you, Hogan." Klink whispered.

"Goodbye, Willhelm," Hogan said, holding out his hand.

"Goodbye, Robert," Klink replied and they shook hands.

Nodding to the driver, Hogan stepped back as the jeep pulled away.

It was finally over.

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