[FFML] [Info] Seeking Skysaber

Catseye catseye528 at gmail.com
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He isn't dead... he goes by Carrotglace or Carrot Glace on Fanfiction.net...
He lurks on here too... Well he used to...
Don't start retarded rumors like that...

It is said that you need to be careful when looking into the darkness,
because it will look back. What isn't said is be careful when looking into
the light, for you will be blinded to the true evils committed in the name
of the light.
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Isn't he dead, I thought he was?


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> Heya,
> Anyone know how I can get ahold of Skysaber?  I wanted to ask his
> permission to partially use an idea from one of his 'fics and can't seem 
> to
> find a good way to find him to ask.
> Thanks,
> Joel

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