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M'hmm; this will be the last one for tonight - I'd prefer to go over Ch. 5 
one last time before sending it.

As always, C&C is appreciated.


"High-Lord Uranite-sama!"

At the sound of her voice, the high-mage turned, glancing for one brief 
moment from his frantic sealing of the last of the sub-space crystals that 
would hold the precious scrolls during their traversing of the gateway, as 
Kalleth rounded the doorway, and stumbled to a halt. For a moment she 
stood, eyes roving wildly as she gasped desperately for air, while in the 
distance, yet another low menacing rumble shook the stronghold, and 
Uranite shivered as yet more of the ruins of the realm were torn savagely 
from his perception, vanishing as though they had never existed, as the 
obliterating wave of oblivion surged ever nearer.

"They have not returned?" he said urgently, although he knew it to be a 
foolish question.

Even with the tearing pain of the failing of reality all about this last 
refuge, he, of all of them, should have felt the stirrings of the portal, 
had Vedris or Alaegra managed to re-enter the failing ruins of the 
Kingdom. It was possible perhaps that they were simply unable to teleport 
back, and were awaiting their arrival.

But Uranite doubted it. What little remained of the Kingdom (now little 
more than the stronghold itself) was stable still; his own powers would 
have warned him otherwise, and he could only assume either that they had 
taken it upon themselves to disobey: inconceivable given the desperate 
nature of their situation, or more likely, that the terrible Senshi had 
found them, and the two had fought, or been given no chance to explain.

He did not want to think about their chances should this last be the case, 
and should the dreadful wielder of the Ginzuishou be waiting for them when 
they stepped from the exit, and into the world once more. It would be a 
massacre, of that he had no doubt. Even by some miracle should they be 
able to gather the power needed to challenge her: an impossible hope, 
there was nothing left for them upon which to draw. The Earth's mana was 
bound and unreachable, and all the Senshi need do was wait until they 
tired, and they would have them, broken and helpless to do with as they 
chose. There was no hope in battle; nothing was more certain.


Kalleth's urgent call brought him back from the black introspection, and 
he started, glancing quickly to her at his side.

"They have not returned High-Lord," she said again, her voice tight with 
barely restrained terror. "Are the scrolls ready?"

"As ready as I can manage," he answered, indicating the five 
gleaming-black crystals, each perhaps half the size of his clenched fist.

With desperate speed, Kalleth reached for them, catching them up and 
binding them close beneath her own silken wrap. Her master had entrusted 
her with a task of almost inestimable import, and she would die before she 
would allow the precious library to come to harm.

"You understand my instructions, Kalleth?" he said quickly, glancing once 
more about the home he had known for the few weeks since the cataclysm, in 
case something might have been overlooked. "No matter what may happen, you 
are to protect the library, and stay out of harm's way. Do I make myself 

For one brief moment his steel-grey eyes held her own, and Kalleth 
shivered despite herself at the seldom-seen intensity of his power. He 
could and would destroy her should she fail, of that she was certain, and 
indeed she would have wished for no less. Yet even now, she was sure she 
caught a warmth and understanding beneath the fire, and she shivered again 
with a very different emotion, her pulse quickening and a flush coming to 
her face as she dropped suddenly to her knees before him.

"I shall guard the library with my soul, High-Lord," she said softly, her 
cat-slitted green eyes shining fiercely with sudden adoration as she gazed 
up into his face. "May it be taken by the terrible moon-queen herself 
should I fail."

"Very well," he said, gesturing her quickly to her feet. "But now, speed 
is of the essence. Are all gathered?"

"All save the scouts, High-Lord," she answered.

He nodded, and moved quickly to the door, pausing but for a moment to 
glance one last time about the chamber, before stepping out into the 
passage, Kalleth at his side.

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